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Win In 2010 & 2012? GOP Must Recognize Palin Is An Inspirational Icon

Thursday, July 30, 2009 1 Response

Christopher G. Adamo, of GOPUSA, wrote a great peice Why Sarah Palin Threatens The 'Establishment.' He also discusses the Republican Party's menopausal wing & Palin ditractors, Peggy Noonan and Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker and the GOP as a whole must wake-up. They must realize Gov Palin IS the future of the Republican Party and the inspirational icon of conservatism.

The Republican Party continues to amass expertise in losing elections. Its current reticence in getting behind the momentum of Sarah Palin, now the former Governor of Alaska, unequivocally proves the point.

Many have postulated in vain as to why such an energizing presence in the party has been soundly rejected by its "inner circle." Yet despite phony attempts at eloquence and deep analysis, it is clear that somehow, the basic integrity and common sense that Palin exudes are themselves the offending factors. All of that "of the people, by the people, and for the people," rhetoric may look good engraved on the monuments and surely sounds good in campaign ads, but this is just not how things are done in Washington anymore.

When measured against the current "ruling class," Palin's faults, or more precisely, those qualities about her which critics attempt to manufacture into faults, are trivial at worst. More pertinently, the derisive commentary is far more reflective of truly serious character defects on their own part. Sadly, many of them claim to lean to the political right.

Some have descended to the level of finding fault with the unconventional names Todd and Sarah Palin have given to their children. Certainly, such small-mindedness is a matter of absolute irrelevancy to Palin's nature, and merely another indication of the desperate efforts to marginalize her.

It also reveals a glaring hypocrisy among those critics with their flagrantly selective powers of observation. In comparison, they studiously avoided ever noticing anything unusual about the name "Hussein," as if it is a typical moniker expected for the average passerby on Mainstreet in Middle America.

Not surprisingly, many of these same critics have been having a field day ever since Palin's announcement of her resignation from the governorship of Alaska. Somehow, by prematurely leaving a political office, we are told that she has thoroughly betrayed the public trust and desecrated every worthwhile American institution right down to motherhood and apple pie.

Yet little if any similar criticism was leveled at Hillary Clinton who, during her waning days in the unelected post of "First Lady," suddenly recalled a "Jewish" heritage and a lifelong affinity for the New York Yankees. And all of this happened just as she and the little man were making a frenzied purchase of their dream home in the New York City suburb of Chappaqua.

Apparently, in the world of the political insiders, it is just fine to invent a residency in order to pursue political office and personal ambitions under the flagrant pretense of "representing" the people of New York in the United States Senate. Yet it is political "heresy" for someone to leave office, out of a sincere belief that their best interests and those of their State are served thusly. Nevertheless, in doing so Palin has proven herself to be of a far higher character than any of her attackers.

Of course, no discussion of Palin's detractors would be complete without a mention of the Republican Party's menopausal wing, as epitomized by former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan and Washington Post token conservative "pundit" Kathleen Parker. In their incessant efforts to derail Palin, Noonan and Parker have descended to a level of discourse rife with shallow catcalls and jeers. In telling contrast, Noonan had heaped accolades on Barack Obama while Parker supports the elevation of judicial activist Sonya Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and excoriates the GOP for refusing to follow along.

Over time, a disturbing pattern of arrogance and elitism has revealed the mindset of the average Beltway insider, regardless of political affiliation, to be self-absorbed and disdainful of the hopes, dreams, and concerns of real America. As a result, on one issue after another, although the people of the heartland are steadfastly committed to their heritage and their roots, elected officials obsessively seek to move the country away from such things. Those entrusted to protect the rights, liberties, and property of the common man are instead fixated on vast increases in the concentration of power and wealth at the federal level, with the average citizen required to pay the bill.

Throughout her public life, Sarah Palin has steadfastly opposed such entities, and in stark contrast to the mutual "back-scratching" corruption that permeates Washington, has dealt severely with any breaches of ethics on both sides of the political aisle. Rather than being "of the Ivy league" and for her own ambitions, she has made the difficult decisions needed to eradicate the facades and restore public confidence in the workings of government in her state. And it is clearly this personality trait, and the resolve to act on it, that makes her a hero to the citizenry, and a mortal threat to the "establishment" regardless of party affiliation.

Having made a meteoric rise to national prominence on the heels of her nomination as John McCain's 2008 running mate, Sarah Palin became the foremost target of the Alinsky/Acorn political attack machine. Her ability to rise above it and advance the cause of conservatism will signify the ability of conservative America to do likewise.

A recent Rasmussen poll shows that Americans still overwhelmingly consider themselves conservative. Sarah Palin can connect with that segment of the population, motivate and inspire it to action. In such a political climate, no excuses suffice for a party that professes to be conservative, yet is devastated at the ballot box as badly as was the case last November.

What Republican Party hacks seem unwilling to recognize, or perhaps have become too jaundiced within the system to comprehend, is that Palin's success or failure will ultimately be their own. If real Republicans really want to win in 2010, they had better start by recognizing what it is that made, and continues to make Sarah Palin an inspirational icon of conservatism.


Over 600,000 Polled: 80% Support Governor Palin 2012 Run

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 1 Response

A poll reveals that nearly four out of five respondents would support Sarah Palin as the Republican nominee for president in 2012.

A slightly larger majority believe the then-Alaska governor helped John McCain in the 2008 presidential race — while only 31 percent think McCain did a good job running for president.

The poll drew more than 600,000 responses, and Newsmax will provide the results to major media and share them with radio talk show hosts across the country.

1) What is your opinion of Sarah Palin?
Favorable: 83%
Unfavorable: 17%

2) Do you believe Sarah Palin as a running mate helped or hurt John McCain?
Helped: 80%
Hurt: 20%

3) In the election between McCain-Palin and Obama-Biden, who did you vote for?
McCain-Palin: 81%
Obama-Biden: 16%
Other: 3%

4) Would you support Sarah Palin as the Republican nominee for president in 2012?
Yes: 78%
No: 22%

5) Do you believe McCain did a good job running for president?
Good Job: 31%
Bad Job: 69%

6) Do you believe Barack Obama "bought" the White House by outspending McCain?
Yes: 72%
No: 28%


Sarah Palin Is The leader Americans Need She Is Heeding Our Call (Øbama A Hack)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 0 Responses

Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugs & American Thinker wrote a great article entitled: Palin's Commencement Address. She correctly tells us Governor Palin’s farewell Address was just the beginning and, unlike Øbama, an optimistic view of America as our better days are ahead. Øbama, whom sadly believes America’s standing in the world has diminished and our better days are behind us. She hit it on the nose and described perfectly the importance and meaning of Governor Palin. There is an new American Revolution and it is the American People led by Governor Palin verse the Socialist Elitest in the Hollywood-New York-Washington triangle. She is the anti-Øbama.

She invoked America's pioneering spirit. She urged us to resist enslavement to big central government: "Be wary of accepting government largess." Sarah Palin embodies what an American is. She is what Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin envisioned when they carved out the American idea.

Anyone who wants write her off, proceed at your own risk.

The more evil succeeds and overwhelms our foreign and domestic policy, our culture, our discourse and the very social fabric of our lives, the clearer it becomes that Palin is the antidote, the answer to fighting this morally bankrupt sewer in which we find ourselves during the Øbama Administration.

The low state of the world is a fact, but so are great Americans who will fight tooth and nail to stop what Øbama is doing to America. Clear thinking Americans see what is happening. America is being tested in a way she never has been before. The President has in every decision reinforced the impression that he is a radical, even a communist/Islamist: the usurpation of the Constitution, the bankrupting of our nation, the illegal grab of private wealth, the infiltration of Islamic supremacism, the abandonment of our allies, the weakening of our military. It's stunning.

Sarah Palin sees it, too. Smart, sharp, patriotic, she best represents the majority of Americans. Not Øbama's shills in the press, not the chattering elites and the Beltway insiders, but Americans. There was no way she could stay on as Governor, as she was unable to fulfill her duties while the leftists in America had her tied up in bogus lawsuits (all of which she won). She agreed to pay the travel fees for taking her children on one of her trips. Øbama should do the same with those trips to Paris for his two girls. Pay it back. Pay back the $100,000 it cost taxpayers for his "date" in New York. Pay it back. Pay for those ridiculous $100 steaks and his 20 million dollar "farm" rental for a little R and R next week. Øbama and his gang are the pigs at the public trough, not Palin. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

There is no more iconic image than Sarah Palin at the Governor's picnic with Mark Levin's book on her lap, Liberty and Tyranny. The American Thinker called Levin's book "a compelling primer on the most basic principles of the American political order." Tony Blankley in the Washington Times said the book "carefully lays out the central historic, philosophic and constitutional relationship between conservative principles and our individual freedom." Contrast that to Øbama was once photographed carrying while strolling across an airport tarmac: The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria.

America wants Palin. Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele said recently that she would not run in 2012. But Steele speaks for no one. Neither he nor the GOP will pick our candidate. Palin is going to help us win back the House and Senate by campaigning and working for candidates in that fight in 2010. And we, the good, decent folks in America, are going to help her win the White House in 2012.

We need her. She knows it. She is heeding our call. Is she a hack like Øbama, planning to campaign on the taxpayers' dime, as he did as a junior senator when he ran for President? No. Is that in itself extraordinary in these times? Yes. But so is integrity, ethics and decency. The left is calling her a "quitter." She is just the opposite, my friends. Sarah Palin is a fighter, a winner. And she is getting into the fight.

Sarah Palin is a Great American. She is the leader Americans need. She is the leader the tea parties need. In closing, Palin said, "G-d bless America." Have you ever heard Øbama utter those words?

The American Revolution has its leader. North to the future!

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Canada Free Press: 'OLD MEDIA' full of it on Gov Palin

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 0 Responses

Warner Todd Huston of the Canada Free Press wrote a great piece on the Old Media and how they are full of crap and got it all wrong about Governor Palin. It is sad state of affairs when we need to look to the Great White North for a real media. The Democratic Party is shrinking but the GOP is dead according to the Old Media. A big fight is coming and the Media is at the top of the list.

A recent CBS report by Scott Conroy and director of political coverage Steve Chaggaris is typical of the hyperbole to which the old Media is prone when “reporting” (by that you can read dramatizing) Sarah Palin’s political doings.

This report is not as chock full of it as some others that have utilized over-the-top phrases and rhetoric to beat down Palin, but there are a few here that ring typical of the sort of backdoor slams that the Old Media constantly over use in its Palin coverage.

We start with the opening line:

In a fiery speech that felt more like a partisan campaign rally than a formal transfer of power, outgoing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin reflected upon her administration’s most significant achievements and shared her vision for the country’s future. But the address was most notable for Palin’s remarkably blunt swipes at her favorite nemesis: the media.

What does “felt more like a partisan campaign rally” as opposed to a “formal transfer of power” mean, anyway? It is a colorful way of intimating that Palin overstepped herself at the ceremony, of course. It’s a way to slam her as gauche without directly saying so.

The last line is also a perfect example of the nonsense we get from the Old Media where it concerns Palin. The CBS pair wrote, “But the address was most notable for Palin’s remarkably blunt swipes at her favorite nemesis: the media.” Yet, this supposed notability of Palin’s “blunt swipes” at the press is belied further in the story where it maintains that Palin’s swipes at the media have become “close to a daily ritual.”

So, the question in my mind is this: how can the swipes she took at the ceremony be “notable” if, according to CBS, she’s been doing this since her stint as the GOP vp nominee over six months ago? In fact, there can’t be much “notable” about it if it has become so entirely ubiquitous.

Naturally, the reason they use the “notable” rhetoric is to convey to the reader that Palin’s behavior is something to raise an eyebrow about. This is just one of the tactics the media uses against her, an effort that is becoming “close to a daily ritual” — if I may steal a quote.

And speaking of the “daily ritual” business, the CBS piece says the following:

Palin’s relationship with the press deteriorated further during her vice presidential campaign, and upon her return to Alaska, she has made her condemnations of the media something close to a daily ritual.

Something “close” to a daily ritual? My guess is that you won’t even be able to find daily public comments on any subject from Palin since she ran for vp, much less a daily attack on the press. It may have been frequent, even common that Palin slapped the press in her public comments and statements, but a “daily ritual”? That is simply hyperbole. She has not daily swiped at the press.

The CBS report also ignores the history of the press of attacking her children and seems to imply that the only example of it was when Late Night host David Letterman recently made a sexual “joke” about her youngest child, Piper.

Her now several weeks old public feud with David Letterman over the late-night comedian’s failed joke about one of her daughters was apparently still smarting, as she leaned forward into the microphone and added angrily, “One other thing for the media, our new governor has a very nice family, too, so leave his kids alone.”

This minimizes Palin’s hurt feelings over the constant media attacks on her children as a mere spat with some TV show host. But Palin has over the past half year suffered constant media attacks on son Trig and daughter Bristol as well as her husband and other family members. It all serves as an understandable impetus for her suspicion and anger at the media. But did the CBS pair note this history to show why Palin’s suspicions might be justified? Not at all, the better to make her seem shrill and out-of-control, naturally.

In the end, this CBS piece serves as a great example of the loaded rhetoric that the Old Media use against Palin as they report the news. It shows the sneaky language they use to minimize, belittle, pester, and scoff at Governor Palin, for sure.


Video: Dirty Øbama & Democrats Conspire Against Governor Palin

Monday, July 27, 2009 2 Responses


Gov Palin Rep. Secures Online Identities for 2012 Presidential Run

Sunday, July 26, 2009 12 Responses
The has reported that Governor Palin representatives are preparing for what was her true intentions for resigning. Governor Palin to the rescue! As expected, Governor Sarah Palin does have intentions of running for the U.S. Presidency in 2012.

Sources discovered that the internet domain names, and have both been registered by a man named Jay Griffin from Anchorage, Alaska. Now it’s not unusual for someone to register domain names on speculation, but what makes this whole thing interesting is that Griffin is also on the Alaska Republican Party Central Committee with Sarah Palin.

Even though Palin hasn’t come right out and confirmed that she is gearing up to run for President in the 2012 elections, the fact that somebody close to her geographically and politically has been taking steps to that effect surely will take some of the surprise out of it when it is announced.

Obama being the disaster he is Governor Palin is perfectly positioned with large nationwide grass-roots following and is THE anti-Washington candidate. She also has the exact experience, despite what the the media has tried to tell us, with a state in perfect financial health, low unemployment and a large surplus with no deficit.


Video & Photos: 5,000 Attend Gov Palin's Picnic In Wasilla

Saturday, July 25, 2009 3 Responses

WASILLA, Alaska -- Gov. Sarah Palin has made her last official appearance in her hometown as the leader of Alaska. The Governor's Picnic in Wasilla attracted thousands of people from as far away as Texas, New York and Florida.
They prepared enough hot dogs, watermelon and root beer floats for 5,000 picnickers. Some came for the free food and music, but the main attraction was someone who has grown up and made her home right in their own backyard.

It was the first taste of Palin's three-course picnic weekend. And even in her hometown, neighbors who've grown up around Palin seemed a little star struck. "She served me a hotdog and she signed napkins for myself and this gentleman up here that I've been chatting with," said Wasilla resident Cindy Harvey.

And for those visiting from Outside, it was a meal they'll never forget. "There's five of us here from Louisiana," said Diana Hobson. "We love Sarah Palin -- I've been looking for Sarah Palin T-shirts all over Wasilla."

"I just told her that everybody, when we left and said we're coming to Alaska, they said, ‘Tell Sarah we love her,' so she signed my book," said Anna Bayless of Austin, Texas.

Palin's address called on Alaskans to honor the nation's service men and women. "Now I won't take my time at the podium to talk politics today, because we get to do something more worthy than speaking politics," said Palin.

Perhaps she's saving those speeches for after she steps down. "I hate to see it because I think she was good for the state, but I have to respect her views," said Eagle River resident Joanne Marshall. "I think that's just fine for whatever her reasons are, I respect her and I like her and I have known her for a while," said Wasilla resident Barbra Moroney.

If there are opponents of Palin in Wasilla, they were not at the picnic Friday. But friends and fans served up affection for the soon-to-be every-day citizen who'll be far from ordinary. Palin will also be at the Anchorage picnic Saturday. It's on the Park Strip and starts at noon.

On Sunday she heads to Fairbanks where she'll hand over power to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell.


Gov Palin Wins, Øbama Supporter & Criminal Fails For the 6th Time

Friday, July 24, 2009 0 Responses
Anchorage, Alaska – Once again the left attacks and Governor Palin is the winner. The Personnel Board has announced that another ethics complaint against Governor Sarah Palin has been dismissed.

The complaint, the 6th filed by Anchorage resident criminal & Øbamabot Andree McLeod, accused the governor of violating the Ethics Act by receiving her salary while campaigning for vice president. The accusation, lodged Monday, was dismissed as legally flawed and factually devoid of merit.

This piece of garbage has cost the State of Alaska over $800,000 and I am betting she is in some trouble. I am expecting this criminal to be behind bars fairly soon. All 6 Ethics Charges were completely frivolous and charges could be charged against her. Lets Hope!

Governor Palin remained on duty, conducted state business, and communicated with her staff and her constituents. “Andree McLeod has failed to prevail on any of the ethics complaints she has filed against the governor,” said Mike Nizich, Palin’s chief of staff. “It appears her agenda is clear – she’s abusing the ethics laws to harass public officials.”


Gov Palin Signs Legislation To Counter Øbama On Missile Defense & Energy

Thursday, July 23, 2009 0 Responses

Governor Palin signed House Joint Resolution 28. HJR 28, sponsored by Representative Craig Johnson, advises Øbama & Congress against the adoption of any policy or rule, the passage of any legislation & the issuance of any executive order that would restrict energy exploration, development & production in federal or state waters around Alaska, the portion of the outer continental shelf within 200 miles of shore or within the continental United States.

“Alaska’s oil & gas resources can & should be a major part of the implementation of any creditable energy plan for our nation,” Governor Palin said. “The question is simple: Do we want to increase the production of clean and safe energy in America, with the additional jobs that would create here? Or do we want to remain dependent on foreign countries, some of which don’t have our best interests at heart?”

The Governor also signed House Joint Resolution 12, sponsored by Representative Nancy Dahlstrom, urges Congress to support the ground-based mid-course defense system. Alaska is home to the largest ground-based mid-course defense missile shield in North America. Because of its geographical position & proximity to potential targets, Alaska plays a critical role in national security & in the defense of American allies.

“It is critical that we continue to develop the global missile defense network,” Governor Palin said. “The threat from North Korea is real. Now is not the time to be cutting these programs. Alaska’s strategic location & the system in place play a critical role in defending the nation.”


Lawyer Investigating Gov Palin Has Ties To Obama

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 0 Responses

It seems the nefarious AP forgot to tell us that Thomas Daniel, the investigator who thinks that outgoing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin may have violated state ethics law in raising money to defend herself against frivolous ethics charges, cut a rather generous check to Democrat Mark Begich’s Senate campaign last fall summer. According to Open Secrets, he contributed $1,000 to that Democrat, the same amount he gave to John Kerry in 2004. He gave $1,800 to Obama & the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and contributed to various Democratic campaigns, but not a dime to Republicans.

Don’t you think that might have some bearing on his ability to adjudicate an ethics issue involving a prominent Republican?

If the man investigating a Democrat had supported a Republican candidate, I’d bet the AP would let us know that. Not just that. The reporter neglected to inform us that Daniel works for Perkins Coie, a firm which served as counsel to Hussein Obama’s presidential campaign. Given that Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign was trying to defeat the ticket on which Mrs. Palin ran last fall, you’d think that maybe Mr. Daniel might want to recuse himself from investigating her. Or that that AP might report that. I mean, if his firm had worked for Republicans and he were investigating Democrats, they would certainly make much of it.

And the AP just might let us know that Perkins Coie has a history of helping Democrats in election campaigns.

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Governor Palin Vs. The Nefarious Associated Press

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 0 Responses

The Honorable Governor Palin had this to say about the latest media BS: inaccurate story floating around regarding any ethics violation & Legal Defense Fund. The matter is still pending and new information was just requested. Their will be a final report.

Amanda Carpenter, of Human Events, responds to the Associated Press’s illegal and premature leak about Governor Palin and the most resent ethics complaint.

The Associated Press claims soon-to-be former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin will be found guilty of violating her state's ethics rules, citing a report leaked to their offices from the State Personnel Board on one of the 19 ethics complaints filed against her.

The governor may be counting down her final days in office, but she isn't letting the accusations go unanswered. She's even threatening to take some legal action of her own against the leakers.

According to the AP, the board will say she improperly used her public image to raise money for the legal defense fund created to fend off complaints made against her as an elected official. No punishment is expected for violating the rules; the board will only recommend Mrs. Palin not take direct payments from the fund.

Selected quotations from the report show that investigator Thomas Daniel reasoned that because an ordinary citizen would not be able to raise significant sums for to pay for legal fees, Mrs. Palin shouldn’t be able to do so, either. “Governor Palin is able to generate donations because of the fact that she is a public official and a public figure. Were it not for the fact that she is governor and a national political figure, it is unlikely that many citizens would donate money to her legal defense fund,” Mr. Daniel wrote.

Mrs. Palin issued a lengthy statement late Tuesday evening saying the fund "was the hallmark of legal compliance and prudent conduct."

"I find the notion that I have taken any action pertaining to the legal defense trust fund misguided and factually in error," she said. "I am informed that this fund was created by experienced attorneys in DC and was modeled after other similar funds established for senators and others. The fund itself was not created by me nor is it controlled by me. Neither I nor my lawyer has received a penny from this fund, and I am informed the Trustee was withholding any action or payment pending final resolution with the Personnel Board." She went on, "In short, I have not 'acted' relative to the defense fund and it is misleading to say I have. I have no doubt that the Trust will welcome guidance by the Board, as do we all, but it is my understanding that this matter was not resolved and the complainant's violation of law has served to mislead the public and prejudice a fair review of this matter."

Gov Palin’s private attorney Thomas Van Flein says it’s too early for the AP to judge the outcome of the investigation. “I have been working with the investigator regarding supplemental information," he said. "The matter is still pending.” “Whatever you have seen was released in violation of law,” he said. “There has been no Board finding of an ethics violation and there is a detailed legal process to follow before there is a final resolution." Gov Palin may turn the tables on the leakers in the future, too. "All options are open in terms of legal remedies," Mr. Van Flein said.

Kim Chatman, who filed the complaint, spoke to the Associated Press on the record ahead of the report's release, an action prohibited by the ethics procedures. Palin's aides believe Ms. Chatman leaked the report as well.

"It is a clear violation of Alaska law that Mr. Daniel explicitly reviewed with Ms. Chatman prior to her illegal actions," Mr. Van Flein said. "We will be contacting the appropriate authorities for review and action."

19 ethics complaints have been filed against the governor to date. If the AP report is true, it will be the first time Mrs. Palin has been found in violation of any ethics rules, a determination that would certainly put a sour note on her last week as governor.

Her spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton said, “It appears suspect that in the final days of the Governor's term, someone would again violate the law and announce a supposed conclusion before it is reached."

In her resignation speech, Mrs. Palin blasted the tirade of frivolous ethics complaints being filed to the State Personnel Board costing her, and the state, time and money. Her aides say the governor owes up to $500,000 in legal bills from the complaints and the state has spent nearly $2 million investigating the charges.

Many of the complaints appear frivolous in nature. Some have challenged her trips out of state to attend a campaign event for Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Georgia Republican, and to speak at a pro-life breakfast in Indiana, as well as for conducting television interviews in her state office. Another was filed by Anchorage resident Linda Kellen Biegel, who took issue with Mrs. Palin for wearing to a public function a jacket made by a company that sponsored the governor's husband, Todd, a snow machine racer. Ms. Biegel asked the personnel board to determine whether Mrs. Palin was abusing her position to serve her personal and financial interests.

One of them was immediately dismissed because it was filed under a fictional name.

It is truly baffling the length the MEDIA will go to in there pursuit to destroy Governor Palin. They created "Bush Derangement Syndrome" and it has officially transfered into "Palin Derangement Syndrome." They are so over the top they first violate ethics rule by going public and they then report it as finalized or guilty as charged. The media is truly dead and has morphed into the most anti-American & dangerous entity on the planet. They are so corrupt they basically put into our White House a foreign born jew-hating hostile socialist combatant. They will, of course, continue to cover up all negative news on Øbama and have essentially become a blog for the idiot.


Governor Palin Signs Alaska Sovereignty

Monday, July 20, 2009 3 Responses
Anchorage, AK - On Friday, July 10th, Alaska Governor Palin signed House Joint Resolution 27 (HJR27), sponsored by State Rep. Mike Kelly. The resolution “claims sovereignty for the state under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States.”

The House passed the resolution by a vote of 37-0 (3 not voting) and the Senate passed it by a vote of 40-0.

Six other states have had both houses of their legislature pass similar resolutions – Tennessee, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Louisiana – Alaska joins Tennessee as the second to have such a resolution signed by the Governor.

Passage of this resolution appears to be part of what is now a growing state-level resistance to the federal government on various levels. Similar 10th Amendment resolutions have been introduced in 37 states around the country, and various states are considering single-issue legislation in direct contravention to federal laws.

Most recently, the Arizona Legislature passed a measure for public approval on the 2010 state ballot that would give Arizona voters the opportunity to nullify, or opt out, of any potential national health care legislation.

Since 2007, more than two dozen states have passed legislation refusing to implement the Real ID act of 2005. In response, the federal government has recently announced that they want to “repeal and replace” the law due to a rebellion by states.

Pending legislation in states around the country also includes preventing state law enforcement officials from enforcing federal laws, refusing federal gun regulations, refusing to send a state’s national guard to any duty other than what the constitution authorizes, legalizing marijuana for various purposes and more.

While HJR27 is strongly-word in support of the principles of limited, constitutional government that the 10th Amendment represents, it is a Joint Resolution and does not carry with it the force of law. But supporters say that this is an important first step to get their message out not only to grassroots supporters, but to the media, and legislators in other states as well.

Read the final version of the resolution below (Relating to the Sovereign Powers of the State):

WHEREAS the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”; and

WHEREAS the Tenth Amendment defines the total scope of federal power as being that specifically granted by the Constitution of the United States and no more; and

WHEREAS some federal actions weaken states’ rights protected by the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; and

WHEREAS the Tenth Amendment assures that we, the people of the United States of America and each sovereign state in the Union of States, now have, and have always had, rights the federal government may not usurp; and

WHEREAS art. IV, sec. 4, Constitution of the United States, reads, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,” and the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”; and

WHEREAS the United States Supreme Court has ruled in New York v. United States, 112 S.Ct. 2408 (1992), that the United States Congress may not simply commandeer the legislative and regulatory processes of the states; and

WHEREAS all states, including Alaska, find themselves regularly facing proposals from the United States Congress that weaken states’ rights protected by the Tenth Amendment;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature hereby claims sovereignty for the state under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States; and be it

FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution serves as Notice and Demand to the federal government to cease and desist, effective immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers.

COPIES of this resolution shall be sent to the Øbama, President; the Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Vice-President of the United States and President of the U.S. Senate; the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; the Honorable Lisa Murkowski and the Honorable Mark Begich, U.S. Senators, and the Honorable Don Young, U.S. Representative, members of the Alaska delegation in Congress; all other members of the 111th United States Congress; the presiding officers of the legislatures of each of the other 49 states; and the governors of each of the other 49 states.


Governor Palin: Media Target To TV Superstar

Sunday, July 19, 2009 0 Responses
By: James Hirsen Sarah Palin's introduction to most of the U.S. public during the GOP convention in September was so electrifying that even the mainstream media had to admit that the Alaska governor had wowed them.

NBC’s Tom Brokaw described the national speaking debut of GOP presidential candidate John McCain's running mate as “a very auspicious” one. And CBS’s Jeff Greenfield referred to her tone as the “perfect populist pitch.”

The speech left folks with more than just a home-run impression. “It may have been a grand slam,” said CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. CNN's Blitzer and Anderson Cooper and Fox's Chris Wallace all used the identical phrase to describe the Palin performance: “A star is born.”

It seems like such a long time ago.

A fierce media onslaught, late-night offensive, and dirt-digging campaign would dog the Alaska governor from that dazzling moment on, thanks to rabid liberal activism and even some uppity conservative elitism.

Palin announced July 3 that she, her family, and her beloved state of Alaska frankly had had their fill of it all, and she was shifting to another arena in which she could serve better.

Now that venues outside of Alaska are hers to go after more freely, TV executives are gearing up to make Palin some impressive offers.

Her communication ability, particularly her capacity to enthrall TV viewers, definitely is making the suits take notice. Likewise for her campaign appearances and guest spot on “Saturday Night Live.”

Although both Dem and GOP strategists are split on how Palin’s resignation is going to affect a potential White House run, the degree of media coverage she has garnered proves that her star power is bigger than ever. In TV terms, that could translate into some hefty ratings.

Last fall, a producer-packager held internal staff meetings about how to best capitalize on Palin's appeal, and a daytime talk show seemed like a well-suited vehicle, according to the "Hollywood Reporter."
But cable news would seem to be the better place for Palin to make the transition while still keeping her political aspirations alive.

Is she controversial? No, but the media has made it so.

But so are the personalities who rank the highest on cable news programs and talk radio shows. Similar to the path that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has taken, Palin could move into a media position with a lucrative salary and still continue with her political pursuits. To do so, however, she would have to choose the television spot carefully and at the same time keep one eye on elevating her image and maintaining her dignity.

The cable TV execs always are looking for new personalities with the potential to score big in the highly competitive ratings war.

Palin's next career move could end up providing her with a platform so huge and a megaphone so large she’ll be able to advance conservative themes from the Left Coast to the East.
Then the libs will really have something to worry about.


Sarah Pac Advertising On Drudge Report

Sunday, July 19, 2009 2 Responses
It is nice to see Sarah Pac advertising on the Drudge Report. Especially since Drudge Report has often been in the top twenty visited sites in the world. In 4 months Sarah Pac brought in just under $800,000 and all of the donations were in small amounts. This is great news because it demonstrates Governor Palin has large grassroots support (unlike Romney).

Since July 3rd, donations have increased 100 fold, in 3 weeks, nearly doubling the the total nearly meeting Romney's $1.6 million. What is most encouraging for Governor Palin & Sarah Pac is the number of supporters more than triples Ronmey's which in the end equals more votes, a much larger base and a huge grassroots campaign already in-place & nationwide.


Bill O'Reilly on "Trying" To Marginalize Governor Palin

Saturday, July 18, 2009 0 Responses

About a month ago, in this space, I told you The New York Times had rigged a poll about Americans wanting to pay higher taxes to fund government-run health care. The Times poll said 57 percent were willing to pay more tax and 37 percent were not willing to do so. But what the Times did not tell its readers was that 48 percent of those polled voted for Barack Obama. Only 25 percent supported John McCain. Of course the poll results would skew left.

Now we have another media deceit. The most recent edition of Newsweek magazine includes a nasty hatchet job on Sarah Palin by a guy named Rick Perlstein. The piece is presented as hard news -- not an opinion column -- and basically says that the governor is a moron who is supported by dimwitted conservatives at odds with smart Republicans. Perlstein also submits that I and other Fox News people lead the dumb GOP folks.

Anyone reading the story would think that a Newsweek correspondent put it together -- the magazine has a staff of trained journalists to do its reporting and analysis. But Perlstein is not a Newsweek correspondent and is identified only as an author at the end of the piece. Strange.

But it gets even stranger.

Turns out that Perlstein is a far-left zealot who blogs for a liberal site called "Campaign for America's Future." He lists one of his "interests" as "conservative failure." In 2007, Perlstein wrote: "I've just become a proud Fox (News) attacker. Now, you can, too. It's not a boycott. It's simply calling advertisers and informing them what Fox says. Fox can't survive that."

So Newsweek hired a far-left loon to do a hit piece on Palin, conservatives and Fox News, and did not inform its readers of his dedicated point of view. Newsweek editor Jon Meacham basically tried to disguise an ideological attack as news coverage.

Newsweek magazine is in dire financial trouble and is seeking to survive by cultivating a liberal, urban audience. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the editors are upfront about it. But this sneaky media stuff is harming America, and it must be unmasked.

With Barack Obama in the White House, the country is facing profound change. America is already on the verge of bankruptcy, and federal intrusion into private business, health care and the environment is unprecedented. The far left aims to create a huge federal apparatus that will promote income redistribution and "social justice." They also see a major opportunity to knock out Judeo-Christian traditions, replacing them with a secular philosophy.

In order to accomplish this, leftwing media are marginalizing people like Palin who oppose the strategy. Under the guise of hard news reporting, the media are pushing rank propaganda on the citizenry. Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, successfully developed this tactic in the 1930s.

Americans need to wake up and smell the corruption. If crazy ideologues have infiltrated the news business, we need to know about it. And now you do.


Coolest Jew In the World (Jackie Mason): “Sarah Palin Will Wind-up President, Øbama Immoral”

Thursday, July 16, 2009 2 Responses


Governor Palin vs. the Marquis de Sade

Thursday, July 16, 2009 0 Responses
Robin of Berkeley wrote an amazing piece on the state of our society. Robin is a frequent contributor to American Thinker, a recoverning liberal and a psychotherapist in Berkeley.

After I grew up and became a psychotherapist, I learned that there was a name for Tom's (the author’s older brother) behavior, sadism. Sadists get a thrill out of being cruel and watching others suffer and it seems many in power are sadists.

When an actress calls for gang raping Palin, she's a sadist. When people torch Palin's church with children inside, they are sadists. When bloggers call her a cunt and scorn her disabled son, they are being sadists.

Each day I wake up and the world looks more and more like my childhood: Tom's and Terry's who get a thrill out of terrorizing others; aging Peter Pans who won't grow up and enforce rules; parents too busy partying or saving the world to stay home, guide their kids, and teach them that all important word "no."

Television shows that humiliate people by publicly rejecting and demeaning them; movies where audiences are kept pumped up on sex and violence; an Internet where you can post the vilest things anonymously, unfiltered.

A secular society where anything goes, where self fulfillment reigns, where morals and values are as disposable as yesterday's underwear, to be thrown in the trash when you're tired of them.

A society gone mad, a "return to the primitive," as Ayn Rand described it forty years ago when she witnessed the growing power of the Left. Adults who have the impulse control of two year olds marching around, unhinged and uncontrolled, like Lord of the Flies. Teens beating up each other and teachers and uploading the video on YouTube.

Good people like Palin and Carrie Prejean being victimized in a manner so malicious that the intent is nothing short of destroying them. And the Powers that Be which could stop the growing brutality at any time by calling off the dogs, calling for order, won't do so because it serves their needs. After all, it's what Saul Alinsky preached: control the masses by keeping them agitated and paranoid.

I look around each day and ask myself the same question, "Where are the human beings?" I see fewer and fewer each day. But there's a shining example in Alaska of a woman who maintained her integrity in the midst of cruelty that would have crushed many of us; who never descended to the level of the thugs; and who exits the scene with something that the sadists will never have, not even in their dreams -- her humanity.

Full Article At:


Investor's Business Daily On Governor Palin's Cap-&-Tax Editorial

Thursday, July 16, 2009 0 Responses
Once again IBD is the voice of common sense and backs Governor Palin with this editorial: Palin Vs. Kerry (And Rather then discuss or debate the issue of energy Kerry feels the need to insult Governor Palin. In any debate the side that insults loses the debate as we see with Kerry's response.

John Kerry, replying to an op-ed Sarah Palin wrote on cap-and-trade, suggests the Alaska governor "check the view from her front porch." What she sees from there, senator, is energy wealth going to waste.

The political death of Sarah Palin has been greatly exaggerated. In a devastating op-ed in the Washington Post, Alaska's Governor exposes the cap-and-tax fraud that has nothing to do with earth's temperature and everything to do with government control of the economy.

She also exposes the stealth socialism ambitions of the Democratic left and once again points out the availability of abundant "shovel-ready" resources under America's soil, off America's shores and even in America's rocks.

Judging from the reaction from Sen. Kerry and the political arm of George Soros, one must ask: If Palin is spent as a political force, why is everyone on the left so worried and talking about her?

Kerry took to the ultraliberal Web site Huffington Post to object to Palin's description of "the president's cap-and-trade energy tax" as "an enormous threat to our economy." In Alaska, she wrote, "we understand the inherent link between energy and prosperity, energy and opportunity, energy and security."

Kerry, who opposed the Cape Wind project off breezy Cape Cod because a wind farm capturing energy from ocean breezes might spoil his view, went ballistic. In a thinly veiled reference to Tina Fey's "Saturday Night Live" skit, he repeated the warm-monger mantra that the "global climate change crisis threatens our economy and national security in profound ways" and that "Gov. Palin need look no further than the view from her front porch in Alaska to see how destructive this crisis can be."

What Palin sees is a cap-and-tax plan that will result in a "dried-up energy sector" that even the sponsors of the Waxman-Markey bill anticipate, or they wouldn't have included a provision providing $4.2 billion over eight years for newly unemployed energy workers.

It's not just the energy sector that will be devastated. Palin notes that "even more American jobs will be threatened by the rising cost of doing business under the cap-and-tax plan." We have cited an analysis of Waxman-Markey by the Heritage Foundation that found unemployment will increase by nearly 2 million in 2012, the first year of the program, and reach nearly 2.5 million in 2035. Total GDP loss by 2035 would be $9.4 trillion.

Kerry responded that Palin failed to mention that "jobs in our emerging clean energy economy grew nearly 2 1/2 times faster than overall jobs since 1998." That's easy when you start from almost zero. Note that 1998 is also the year the earth started cooling, with not a warmer year since. There's even been snow in Malibu.

From Palin's front porch, senator, she can see "the largest private-sector energy project in history" — her "3,000-mile natural gas pipeline (that) will transport hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of our clean natural gas to hungry markets across America."

From Palin's front porch you can also see the 2,000-acre part of ANWR's frozen tundra that contains 10.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil (such estimates often underestimate actual yields) and that could supply all the oil needs of Kerry's Massachusetts for 75 years.

And from her front porch, Palin can see the Chukchi Sea northwest of Alaska's landmass. Awaiting development there, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, are 1.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, or 30% of the world's supply, and 83 billion barrels of oil, 4% of global conventional resources. began e-mailing members Tuesday, asking them to fund a rapid response ad blasting Palin's op-ed. Soros' group said Palin was positioning herself as the face of conservative opposition to Obama's energy policy, telling supporters her op-ed was "a marvel of misinformation and outright lies."

What really hurts is Palin's truth. Kerry and say Sarah Palin must be stopped. We say, drill, baby, drill.


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