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Sarah Palin In Atlanta: Obama Care 'hefty tax hike' For Special Needs Families

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 0 Responses
The federal medical care overhaul would limit contributions to health savings accounts and raise insurance costs for people including those with special needs, former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said at a fundraiser Tuesday for developmentally disabled children.
She warned that new rules aiming to raise $13 billion by limiting contributions to flexiblespending accounts amount to a “hefty tax hike” for families of special needs children struggling with health care costs. And she said families will wind up with fewer care options.
“Our insurance and our care choices will be diminished by this new program,” she said to an audience of several thousand at a suburban Atlanta arena. “The government’s taking over one-sixth of our economy and we expect the government’s going to do a better job than the private sector?” [...]
Palin said she felt connected to the audience because she has a young son, Trig, with Down syndrome.  She said that she was shocked when doctors told her the news when she was 12 weeks pregnant and wondered if she would be patient enough to handle the challenge. But she said she believed God prepared her heart for her son’s birth during the pregnancy.
“It was such an answered prayer the moment that Trig was born. It was the greatest, most obvious manifestation of a prayer when Trig was born,” she said. “He looked up at me like he was saying, ‘I’m here mom. Now are you going to trust that all is going to be OK?’” [...]
She said she would work to encourage Americans to treat special needs children with respect and that she was disappointed that one of Obama’s aides used the word “retarded.” White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel apologized earlier this year for using the word to describe liberal activists whose tactics on health care he questioned. Photo Gallery 
“America’s too good for that,” she said to applause. “We’re too good to have to put with that.”

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Sarah Palin: Another Victory For The 2nd Amendment

Monday, June 28, 2010 1 Response
The Supreme Court handed down an important ruling today stating what should be obvious: that the Second Amendment, in the words of Justice Alito writing for the court, “applies equally to the federal government and the states.” Today’s decision in McDonald vs. City of Chicago, in conjunction with the landmark Heller case two years ago, should leave little doubt that our individual right to keep and bear arms applies everywhere and is a right for everyone. 
For an interesting perspective on the significance of today’s ruling, take a look at David Rittgers’ article in National Review here.
- Sarah Palin 


Sarah Palin In Norfolk: Obama Surrendering US Power & Selling Out Israel

Monday, June 28, 2010 0 Responses
Sarah Palin speaks in Norfolk

Sarah Palin Visits 11pm

Protesters picket Sarah Palin's Norfolk speech

Washongton, DC - Sarah Palin on Sunday painted President Barack Obama's administration as a cowering giant intent on surrendering the nation's mantle as a superpower and willing to sell out its allies.
The former John McCain running mate addressed a paying audience of several hundred people in Norfolk, Virginia and accused Obama of selling out ally Israel in over its naval blockade of Gaza and treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shabbily. […]
She also said Obama lacked the resolve to stand up to Russia and China.
"Do they think, really, that we're getting anything in return for all this bowing and kowtowing and apologizing? No, we don't get anything positive in return for this," Palin said at the event spearheaded by a Norfolk talk radio station.
"So while President Obama is getting pushed around by the likes of Russia and China, our allies are left to wonder about the value of an alliance with our country any more. They're asking what is it worth," she said. […]
"The whole operation was designed to provoke Israel, not to provide supplies to Palestinians held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Anyone who sees the video of Israeli commandos being attacked as they land on that ship knows the people aboard were vicious thugs, not 'peace activists.' The media insults our intelligence with their outright mischaracterization of who these enemies are," said Palin.

"We can only hope the Obama Administration does not join the anti-Israel chorus in the aftermath of this staged confrontation. Please, Mr. President, we need to let Israelis know we stand with them in their fight against terrorists and those who arm and support them. America and her ally, Israel, stand by waiting for your response."

'Sanctimonious, pompous social engineers'
Palin, former Virginia Sen. George Allen and Iran-Contra figure Oliver North, who ran for a Virginia Senate seat and lost, each took turns decrying what they said was the deterioration of US military might and will under Obama's watch.
Palin said that Obama and an allied Democratic Congress had cut military spending while showing no such restraint on other expenditures, running up trillions in new deficits.

NORFOLK — Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin hinted at presidential aspirations Sunday night in Norfolk, telling thousands of conservative voters that needs a new and different president.
"We're probably better off simply changing administrations," Palin told a half filled Ted Constant Convocation Center. "So folks let's start the task in November and what we start in November 2010 let's finish it off in November 2012."
Palin came to southeastern Virginia — a military Mecca filled with conservatives — for Freedom Fest, a concert and rally to support the troops, police and firefighters. Palin was the marquis guest speaking after former Virginia governor George Allen a few hours after crooner Lee Greenwood sung "God Bless the U.S.A."
Palin's speech was her first in Hampton Roads since the 2008, when she rallied thousands in Virginia Beach. After the loss, Palin resigned as governor and skyrocketed into the conservative stratosphere, moving her downhome populism to the internet.
The local visit is part of Palin's weeklong swing through the south, with events in Atlanta and Texas. Palin is reportedly mulling a run for president in 2012, and many evangelical voters are wooing her slapping Palin 2012 bumper stickers on their cars and building websites backing her.
Palin said spending cuts are vital in Washington, but she told the veteran-laden crowd that cuts should never touch defense.
"There are no shortcuts on national security," she said. […]
Navy vet Arnold Argandona drove in from North Carolina for the rally, and the Republican Party official said he hopes that Palin helps congressional hopefuls take back power from Democrats.


(Video) Sarah Palin’s Oil Palace Speech: Obama Incompetence & Lack Of Leadership

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Sarah Palin Endorsement: Todd Tiahrt For US Senate Kansas

Thursday, June 24, 2010 0 Responses
I’m happy to endorse Todd Tiahrt’s campaign to be the next U.S Senator from Kansas. Todd is a protector of our Constitution, a pro-family, pro-Second Amendment Commonsense Conservative who has never voted for a tax increase and has fought to end the wasteful spending coming out of Washington. He didn’t just stand on the sidelines complacently, but instead actually battled against the bailouts, the debt-ridden stimulus spending, the cap-and-tax energy schemes, and Obamacare. In fact, remember on the day Obamacare was being debated, Todd Tiahrt was on the House floor all day working to defeat it, and he’s helped lead the charge to repeal and replace Obamacare the moment it was signed into law. We can count on Todd to take on the liberal spending agenda of the Obama administration and fight for lower taxes, more individual freedom, and less government intrusion.

Please join me in supporting Todd Tiahrt’s campaign by visiting his website at and following him on Facebook and Twitter.
- Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday picked the true conservative in the Kansas Republican primary endorsing Todd Tiahrt for the U.S. Senate. Palin called Tiahrt a "protector of our Constitution" and praised his efforts to battle the bailouts, stimulus spending, and higher taxes coming from Washington.
"Todd's campaign for the U.S. Senate continues to build momentum, and we are thrilled that Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed the true conservative in this race," said Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign. "Governor Palin recognized that Todd has never voted for a tax increase - unlike Congressman Moran who has voted to raise our taxes at least a dozen times. Governor Palin and conservatives across Kansas are lining up behind Todd's campaign because they know him to be a champion for our conservative values and a man of integrity. The same cannot be said of Congressman Moran who was recently exposed by Karl Rove for trying to trade his vote for a campaign fundraiser. 
 - Todd Tiahrt Campaign


The 100 Americans The Left Hates Most (Sarah Palin #2)

Thursday, June 24, 2010 0 Responses

As we have watched the ongoing fight in America over the direction of the country, the actions of the Obama administration and Democratic Congress, and the efforts of the tea party movement, the Townhall editorial team has noticed a disturbing pattern: the American Left is trashing everyone who dares to stand against them.
The more effective the voices that oppose their agenda, the greater the venom the Left spews in their direction. It’s this out-of-control behavior from our fellow citizens who are sold out to the ultra- liberal progressive Obama agenda to “radically transform” the United States that led us to create this list of “The 100 Americans the Left Hates Most.”
The Townhall editorial staff compiled a massive list of those we believe have the largest bull’s-eyes painted on them by the Left and the Democrat-dominated government. From that list, through a process of voting, debating and prioritizing, we assembled the final 100. There were only two absolute requirements: 1) They had to be living, which is why Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley Jr. are not featured; and 2) they had to be American, which explains Mark Steyn and the Pope’s absence from the list.
If you think we’re way off base with some or all of our rankings or believe we missed somebody, please let us know. We want to know what you think, so submit your thoughts to
#2 SARAH PALIN - Long after her 2008 run to be vice president ended, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is continuing to make political waves.
As a favorite of grassroots conservative tea partiers, Palin has used her star power to bring attention to various underdog candidates and issues facing voters this fall. As a conservative working woman and dedicated mom, Palin’s anti-feminist brand of feminism has redefined the scope of “women’s issues” and shed light on blatant liberal hypocrisy.
Though try as they might to silence her—with attacks on everything from her outspoken criticism of the current administration to her bra size—Palin is a light that will not be snuffed out. Much to the chagrin of the liberal elites and leftist reformists, Palin’s down-to-earth independence, patriotic spirit and no- nonsense can-do attitude will only continue to propel her popularity.
#1 GLENN BECK - Glenn Beck has been doing his thing for years. He’s had a growing radio audience of millions as the third-most-listened-to host in America, and he has never shied way from expressing his love of country (it’s why he gained the reputation for crying on the air) and his disdain for liberal policies that run counter to everything our nation was founded on.
It wasn’t until the last couple of years that the rabid hatred of Beck went mainstream. What happened?
On Jan. 19, 2009, just in time to counter the progressive agenda of the Obama administration that would be sworn in the next day, Beck launched his Fox News Channel (FNC) show. Though he had been on CNN’s Headline News since May 2006, doing a very similar show, it took joining the Fox News family for Beck to really gain the ire of the Left—as long has he was on a low-rated cable channel that also happened to share the ultimate liberal agenda, they felt they could at least co-exist with the conservative talker.[…]

That is why the Left hates him.



Sarah Palin Wins Another One, Paves Way For Female Chief Executives

Thursday, June 24, 2010 0 Responses
As most people know, Sarah Palin is relentlessly attacked by those who elevate the state over the individual and by those who lack faith in any higher power except the regulatory power of Washington, D.C. Many of these people use – and abuse – the law, and in the case of Sarah Palin, they have abused our state ethics laws by repeatedly, remorselessly, and routinely filing false and malicious claims against her. So too, they have resorted to our courts, where several civil suits were filed against Sarah Palin. To date, these civil suits have been rejected by the courts as baseless. But we know the toll this caused the Palins. Almost a year ago, Governor Palin pointed out the many groundless complaints, records requests and suits filed against her, and explained that:
  • “…it hasn’t been cheap – the State has wasted thousands of hours of your time and shelled out some two million of your dollars to respond to ‘opposition research’ – that’s money not going to fund teachers or troopers – or safer roads. And this political absurdity, the ‘politics of personal destruction’… Todd and I are looking at more than half a million dollars in legal bills in order to set the record straight. And what about the people who offer up these silly accusations? It doesn’t cost them a dime so they’re not going to stop draining public resources – spending other peoples’ money in their game…. Some Alaskans don’t mind wasting public dollars and state time. I do. I cannot stand here as your Governor and allow millions upon millions of our dollars go to waste just so I can hold the title of Governor.”
The past year has confirmed that Governor Palin was right. The number of false claims, records requests, mendacious accusations and ridiculous posturing by the left and street corner ethicists dropped dramatically – at least as applied to the mechanics of state government. 
But it did not all go away when she stepped aside – some claims and suits are pending and are getting resolved in time. A judge in Anchorage recently issued a ruling throwing out a baseless claim against Governor Palin – and indirectly involving Todd Palin. In this civil claim, Todd Palin was being attacked because he was a close and trusted advisor to his wife, the Governor. That he was should surprise no one. The claimant asserted that because Todd Palin was not being paid by the State of Alaska, any emails copied to him could not be protected by the standard law of deliberative process privilege – a privilege that essentially protects the decision making process in government in order to allow the decision makers the freedom to honestly discuss policy and process and promote the open exchange of ideas. The claimant demanded the right to see emails that were sent to Todd Palin. 
In a well reasoned opinion, the judge explored state law, federal law (including an historical discussion on First Lady Sarah Polk, wife of President James K. Polk), and invoked a too rarely used legal principle – common sense – to throw out this lawsuit. In so doing, the court concluded that Todd Palin, as the First Gentleman, though unpaid, was in essence a privileged consultant to the Office of the Governor, and the court compared Todd Palin’s privileged consultations to First Lady Hillary Clinton, in which a federal court determined that the chief executive’s spouse “acts as the functional equivalent of an assistant to the President.” And, with state government employees assisting the first spouse, Todd Palin had a clear and obvious privileged consultative function and is analogous to a de facto state officer. 
The court ultimately concluded that “common sense and Federal law” compel the conclusion that “Todd Palin could properly… act[] as an advisor to the Governor” and therefore he was appropriately involved in policy discussions, emails, and deliberative discussions, all of which are protected from disclosure.  Official Court Ruling
It is refreshing to see a court resort to common sense and historical precedent. Further, as more and more women get elected to high office (What are they called now? – “Mama Grizzlies”?), it is notable that challenges such as this, which were based on sexist notions and demeaning attitudes towards women, are being rejected. This suit challenged Todd Palin’s role as a first spouse and was implicitly premised on the idea that a male spouse must somehow exert too much influence over a female chief executive. Hence the demand to “see those emails” from Todd Palin; but contrast this with decades of silence relative to communications to prior executive spouses – female spouses. That dismissive and contemptuous posture towards the new brand of feminist leaders was appropriately condemned by the court as lacking a basis in reality. 
There are, of course, some remaining issues to address. The attacks against Sarah Palin will continue. They are distractions meant to keep her off message. There will be times when Sarah Palin will have to take one for the team in order to continue on with her message to the country and simply resolve matters without having to incur crushing personal debt. That is the cost, unfortunately, of public life today. When that happens, read the details closely – like the details in this court opinion. Every time you do you will see that Sarah Palin has always acted with honest intent. You will see that again soon. Today’s ruling is a positive step not just for Sarah and Todd Palin, but for all female chief executives currently in office – and waiting to take office in November. 
- Thomas Van Flein, Attorney for Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin: Upcoming Events In Texas, Virginia & Georgia

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 0 Responses
I’m looking forward to heading down to the Lower 48 for some great events. 
On Saturday, June 26th, I’ll be speaking at the Oil Palace in Tyler, TX. You can visit their website here for more details. 
Then on Sunday, June 27th, I’ll be at the Freedom Fest 2010 in Norfolk, Virginia. If you’re free that day, you can join me, Oliver North, and George Allen at the Ted Constant Convocation Center on the campus of Old Dominion University for an evening honoring our military and first responders (Police, Fire, and EMS). And what better way to kick off the event than to have Lee Greenwood on stage to sing “Proud to Be An American”! I hope you can join us to show support for all the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces and in our communities every day. You can visit the event website here for more details. 
On Tuesday, June 29th, I head to Atlanta for the P.U.R.E. Celebration sponsored by Zachariah’s Way at the Gwinnett Arena. Zachariah’s Way is a wonderful organization committed to serving our special needs community. You can visit their website here to learn more about them, and if you’re free next Tuesday, I hope you’ll join us.
- Sarah Palin


(Video ) On The Record w/ Greta: The Power Of Sarah Palin 3 More Endorsements

Monday, June 21, 2010 0 Responses


(Video) Sarah Palin To Obama’s Rahm Emanuel: Shallow, Narrow Minded, Irresponsible, U Lie

Sunday, June 20, 2010 2 Responses
After the self-hating Jew Rahm Emmanuel opened his mouth about Senator Barton’s comment, our Governor and defender Sarah Palin has this to say via twitter:


On top of that Dead Fish Rahm Emmanuel was yapping about BP CEO Hayward yachting this weekend, Urkel and Elmer Fudd (Obama & Biden)  were really really really focused on the oil spill while golfing!
As Rush said,  the only public figures standing up & fighting for the American people are:
Governors Sarah Palin, Brewer, Chist Christie and Congresswomen Michele Bachmann


A Review of Sarah Palin’s 25 Endorsements

Saturday, June 19, 2010 0 Responses
List of 2010 candidates endorsed by The Governor:

 • Tim Scott U.S. Congress in SC-1, June 19, 2010 - (Runoff election is June 22)
Cathy McMorris Rodgers for U.S. Congress in WA-5, June 17, 2010 - (Primary is Aug. 17)
 • Star Parker for U.S. Congress in CA-37, June 17, 2010 - (General election is Nov. 2)
Mary Fallin for governor in OK, June 17, 2010 - (Leads race, Primary is July 22)
John Koster for U.S. Congress in WA-2,  June 12, 2010 - (Primary is Aug. 17)
Cecile Bledsoe for for U.S. Congress in AR-3, June 03, 2010 - (Lost primary runoff)
Terry Branstad for governor of IA, June 03, 2010 - (Won primary election)
Joe Miller for U.S. Senate in AK, June 02, 2010 - (Primary election is Aug. 24)
Clint Didier for U.S. Senate in WA, May 20, 2010 - (Primary is Aug. 17)
Susana Martinez for governor of NM, May 15, 2010 - (Won primary election)
Nikki Haley for governor of SC, May 14, 2010 - (Runoff election is June 22)
Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate in CA, May 06, 2010 - (Won primary election)
Tom Emmer for governor of MN, Apr 20, 2010 - (Primary election is Aug. 10)
Tim Burns for U.S. Congress in PA-12, Apr 26, 2010 - (Lost special election)
Vaughn Ward for U.S. Congress in ID-1,  Mar 29, 2010 - (Lost primary election)
Adam Kinzinger for U.S. Congress in IL-11, Mar 29, 2010 - (Leads in general race)
Allen West for U.S. Congress in FL-22, Mar 29, 2010 - (Leads in general race)
Sean Duffy for U.S. Congress in WS-7, Feb 17, 2010 - (Primary is Sept. 14)
Rand Paul for U.S. Senate in KY, Feb 01, 2010 - (Won primary election)
Rick Perry for governor of TX, Jan 20, 2010 - (Won primary election)
Michele Bachmann for U.S. Congress in MN-6, Jan 20, 2010 - (Leads in general race)
John McCain for U.S. Senate in AZ, Jan 20, 2010 - (Primary is Aug. 24)
Chris Christie for governor of NJ, Oct 27, 2009 - (Won special election)
Bob McDonnell for governor of VA, Oct 27, 2009 - (Won special election
Doug Hoffman for U.S. Congress in NY-23, Oct 22, 2009 - (Lost special election)


Sarah Palin Endorsements: Cathy McMorris & Star Parker For Congress & Mary Fallin For Gov

Friday, June 18, 2010 0 Responses
Last summer I stood on the grassy bank of an Alaskan waterway that was teeming with salmon to watch part of Alaska’s brown bear population forage, fight, feed, and fend off enemies to survive. I joined Fish and Game biologists to observe 42 of these majestic wild animals all within eyesight, all at once. Even though I’ve lived all my life in the “Last Frontier,” I still find days like that absolutely fascinating! And I swear the hardest workers on the water were those “mama bears.”
Obviously not waiting for another bear to do the work for them, the mama bears not only foraged for themselves to prepare for winter, but they worked twice as hard to slay salmon for their cubs, too, making sure the future of the population was ready for the season ahead. She would instinctively rear up on hind legs when her cubs were threatened – you don’t mess with her cubs. And most importantly, just as the well known modern proverb expresses, she didn’t just hand over a free fish for the day – she taught young ones how to fish for a lifetime. (There’s no shortage of life lessons learned while scanning our great outdoors!)
Now, scanning the political landscape, here’s a new “Mama Grizzlies” field report! There are great guys running for office all over the place, but I hope you will join me in supporting three more bold Commonsense Conservative women who are willing to put it all the line to get our country back on track: Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Star Parker, and Mary Fallin.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers is running for reelection to serve in Congress. She knows the value of hard work. She grew up as a farmer’s daughter and was the first in her family to attend and graduate from college. Her roots in eastern Washington go back generations. Cathy is a pro-family, pro-business fiscal conservative who has an honest, direct plan for action in Congress, which she calls her “Patriot Pledge.” It’s a 10-point agenda focused on fiscal health, tax reform, and other common sense solutions. Further, I have deep respect for Cathy’s strong voice for families who are touched by those with special needs. She formed the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus which promotes research, education, and treatment to help improve the quality of life for those with Down syndrome and other challenges. Cathy and I share a personal bond as proud moms who’ve both been blessed with sweet sons born with extra chromosomes. Perhaps it’s because we learn so much from these children and can see how they make the world a better place that I am confident that Cathy’s respect for life, and her commitment to protecting America’s Constitution, truly benefits all Americans. We need her in Congress, so please visit her website at, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and please support her campaign.

I’m proud to endorse Star Parker for California’s 37th Congressional District. Star has an incredible story and a passionate commitment to her community and our great nation. Rising up from being a single mom on welfare, Star worked hard to build a non-profit network that seeks to reduce poverty and create a brighter future for America by promoting free market solutions and personal responsibility. There is no doubt that she will bring a new level of enthusiasm and energy to Washington for American values, limited government, and economic growth. She’s a dynamic leader who is committed to building a more prosperous environment for the families in her district and ushering in positive change. Please join me in supporting Star and her message of hope, opportunity, and self-reliance. Visit her website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter

Mary Fallin is another strong, smart conservative who I am proud to support. Mary is running for Governor of Oklahoma, and the Sooner State is fortunate to have her offer to serve in this new capacity. Mary’s another fiscal conservative with policy experience, political backbone, and real world knowledge that will serve the entire state well as she proves her mettle as Oklahoma’s next CEO. Her personal, professional, and political background gives her a healthy perspective on the challenges facing so many of our families and businesses. Mary truly understands public service, and she served her state with distinction in Congress and as the first Republican and first female lieutenant governor in Oklahoma history. Sharing the aforementioned foundational values of Cathy and Star and so many other Americans, Mary also understands the complexities of our domestic energy policy and has been a consistent voice for energy independence. Please visit Mary’s website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter

I heartily endorse these liberty-loving “Mama Grizzlies.” They’ll do more than just growl about our challenges because they know how to work hard and protect America’s future by ushering a new era of prosperity and security. How? By proving their selfless service, common sense, and respect for the will of the people.
- Sarah Palin


Charity Breakfast & Rally w/ Gov Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck: Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 0 Responses
I am so excited about the upcoming Restoring Honor rally with Glenn Beck on August 28th in Washington, D.C., right on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Glenn and I will be speaking at the rally, and I hope you’ll be able to join us. You can visit the Restoring Honor Facebook page here for all updates. 
You can also help us raise funds for some amazing true American heroes by joining me and Glenn for breakfast on August 28th before the rally. Visit this website to bid on a fun morning with both of us, and remember all proceeds from this auction go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a non-profit charity serving the children of our fallen heroes. 
Bid on the auction! Come with an appetite! And see you in D.C.!
- Sarah Palin

Join Governor Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck at an invitation only breakfast on the morning of 8/28 before they speak at the Lincoln Memorial. You and a guest will receive VIP treatment while seated with Governor Palin and Glenn Beck at the head table, and you can remember this once in a lifetime experience by having your picture taken with the duo.
Come celebrate America by honoring our heroes, our heritage and our future at the Restoring Honor Rally on August 28, 2010. Join us at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. for this non-political, non-partisan rally that will recognize our First Amendment rights and honor the service members who fight to protect those freedoms.
Every day servicemen and women risk their lives to protect our country. It is through the support of non-profit organizations like the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) that the families of these service members are taken care of in the event of an accident or loss of life.
PLEASE NOTE: All contributions made to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF), either directly or through the auction proceeds, will first be applied to the costs of the Restoring Honor Rally taking place on August 28, 2010.  All contributions in excess of these costs will then be retained by the SOWF.



Sarah Palin Takes On Big Oil Vs Obama Incompetence & Extortion

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 3 Responses
Say what you will about her political choices, but Sarah Palin knows how to spot winners. She picked Scott Brown for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, then supported Rick Perry over Kay Bailey Hutchison for governor of Texas. She endorsed Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination against uber-progressive California Democrat Barbara Boxer.
Palin’s endorsement of Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate in Florida helped drive fickle Charlie Crist out of the GOP primary race. And it will be very interesting watching her campaign for Republican Pat Toomey over Democrat Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania’s Senate race. But probably her most dramatic political choices this year have been Sharron Angle to face Harry Reid in Nevada and for Nikki Haley to be the next governor of South Carolina. [...]
Palin is building a stack of political markers that will become golden chits in 2012. If she is running for president, she is doing it the old fashioned way, the way Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan did it in 1968 and 1980, respectively. [...]
After serving two terms as governor of California and then challenging accidental President Gerald Ford in 1976, Ronald Reagan spent the next three years raising money and campaigning for Republican candidates around the country. By 1980, despite a full stable of other GOP candidates, Reagan was the favorite among conservatives, who by then had taken control of the Republican Party. [...]
But there is another reason Sarah Palin may yet emerge as the most likely candidate to win the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. The disastrous manner in which Obama and company are handling the Gulf oil spill, combined with the extremely unpopular environmental regulations they are trying to implement as a result, could very well open the door for a rival who knows a thing or two about energy policy.

The fact is that Barack Obama has never run so much as a cash register at a convenience store, and he has surrounded himself with similarly ignorant eggheads, thus making him extremely vulnerable to a challenge from someone who has, in fact, not only run a large state but also has had vast experience negotiating tough deals with oil company executives. That someone is Sarah Palin. As one of the most knowledgeable public figures in the country on the issue of energy policy, Palin can take the conservative message right into the center of the storm.



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