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New Details Revealed About Sarah Palin & 08 Campaign

Friday, November 06, 2009 0 Responses

Louise Radnofsky from The Wall Street Journal was nice enough to provide several highlights of the new book: Sarah From Alaska.  I posted a few of them:

— Getting the news from Fox: Sarah Palin learned from Fox News that she and John McCain wouldn’t win last year’s presidential election. When she heard anchor Brit Hume announce that Barack Obama had won Ohio, “Palin swallowed a mouthful of air. ‘Oh, well, that’s it,’ she said.”

— No concession on the concession: Palin wanted to give a concession speech, but that was nixed by McCain and his aides. It had been written by former Bush speechwriter Matthew Scully, and would have had her say, “when a black citizen prepares to fill the office of Washington and Lincoln, that is a shining moment in our history that can be lost on no one.” And Palin would have offered her own lavish praise for Obama and his “beautiful family,” McCain and the “honor of a lifetime” that he had given her, and a shout-out to a boy with Down syndrome who she had met on the campaign trail. McCain and his staff were adamantly opposed, though the authors offer no real explanation beyond the general friction between the McCain and Palin camps by the end of the campaign.

— The awkward goodbye with McCain: McCain and Palin parted ways that night after she saw him getting into a Chevy Suburban outside the Arizona hotel where the campaign had gathered on election night. The conversation went like this: “‘John? Is that you?’ Palin asked. Cindy [McCain] was already in the car, and the senator had just given a final hug to his press secretary and personal aide, Brooke Buchanan. He spun around. ‘Oh, hey. How are you, Sarah?’ ‘Are you leaving?’ ‘Yup, we’re out of here.’ Palin paused. ‘Okay, well, good night.’ ‘Yes, good night. We’re headed back to the house.’ The now former running mates exchanged final pat-on-the-back hugs and a muffled thank you or two.”

– The really awkward part: After the McCains had left, Palin wanted to take pictures with her family on the hotel ballroom stage, though a lot of TV crews were still filming. McCain staffers got wind of it and freaked out, thinking Palin was going to give her concession speech after all. After a round of frantic telephone calls, instructions filtered down from McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt to turn the lights down. Palin stayed posing on the stage anyway, prompting senior McCain staffer Carla Eudy to tell Palin aide Jason Recher: “You never had control of her. Get control of her! Get her ass off stage!” Recher’s response? “The campaign ended tonight, and so did you.”

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Sarah Palin: Red/Blue State 16 City Book Tour

Friday, November 06, 2009 3 Responses
No stops are planned in Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and other major cities and book-buying communities that are standard for authors on the road, but where the voters tend to be Democrats.
Beyond a Nov. 16 television interview with Oprah Winfrey, nothing is scheduled for Chicago. New York will feature media appearances only. Instead, the itinerary for Palin, whose "Going Rogue" comes out Nov. 17, includes Noblesville, Ind.; Washington, Pa.; and Rochester, N.Y.
"She wants to be unconventional. She is unconventional," HarperCollins spokeswoman Tina Andreadis said Wednesday. "She feels like this is where her fans are and Harper feels this is where she'll sell the most books."
List so far (more cities expected):
Grand Rapids, MI Nov 18th Barnes & Noble
Mall of America, MN Dec 7th
Washington Co, PA Nov 21 Sams Club, Trinity Point Drive (WA)
Noblesville, IND
Fort Wayne, IND 7PM
Rochester, NY Nov 21 7PM
Cincinnati, OH
Columbus, OH
Roanoke, VA Nov 22
Orlando, FL
Albuquerque, NM
Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC
Birmingham, AL Nov 23 7 pm Central Brookwood
Orange Park, FL Nov 24 Eastern Orange Park Mall, Wells Rd
Jacksonville, FL
The Villages, FL


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