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Obama Will Be Watching Sept 3rd b/c Palin Vs O Will Be A Landslide & He Knows It

Monday, August 22, 2011 0 Responses

So what happens if she gets in and gets the nomination? What if the race ends up being Palin v. Obama?
If it does, Obama may find out how Walter Mondale felt after running against Reagan in 1984. But he will surely find out how Jimmy Carter felt when he faced Reagan in 1980.
Skeptics notwithstanding, this is so because Palin v. Obama will pit faith in the American people against faith in government. In so doing, it will allow Palin to tell us again and again of how this country is great because of salt-of-the-earth Americans who love their families, their God, and their country, while Obama stands on the other side of a teleprompter telling us everything will be fine if we just pass another stimulus bill, raise taxes, and allow government to reach even further into the private sector via increased regulation and oversight.
It’s so important to understand that Palin’s belief in the everyday American allows her to think America’s greatest days lie in front of us: that “we’re seeing a great awakening of the American public” even now. […]
Perhaps the biggest contrast we’ll see, should Palin v. Obama come to pass, will be in the way the two candidates will speak to the voters when they campaign. Obama will certainly tell us of all the great things he can do for us if we’ll just give him four more years: as it was in 2008, so too in 2012 it will be all about him. But with Palin, you can already hear a different tone. Sure, she has things that recommend her to the job and qualify her for the job, but her focus is what Americans can accomplish if we get government out of the way rather than what she can use government to accomplish for us.
Thus, far from Obama’s ego-centric self-portrayal as some political miracle worker, Palin’s simple message to Americans will be “I believe in you.” (Which is why Iowans are already describing her as a “normal person” who is “down to earth” and “solid.”)
Palin is giving a speech to the Tea Party convention in Iowa on September 3rd. They’re expecting such a large crowd that they’ve already had to move the event to a larger venue. And while no one knows if she’s going to announce a run for the presidency then, you can bet the world will be watching. And you can also bet Obama will have a staffer or David Axelrod (or both) watching as well.
And that’s because Palin v. Obama will be a landslide (and Obama knows it).


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