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(Photos) Sarah Palin Hits Global Warming & The Wisdom of Reagan In Calgary Speech

Sunday, March 07, 2010 0 Responses
Website, Reagan To Palin, posted some of Sarah Palin’s speech in Calgary, Alberta.  Sarah Palin found a receptive audience in the crowd that filled the BMO Centre in Calgary to capacity; more than 1,000 attended, paying $150 to $200 a ticket. Last year, the same organizers brought George W. Bush to Calgary for his first speech after leaving office, paying him a fee estimated at $100,000 to $150,000.
She pointed to similarities between Alaska and Alberta having a long history of independent thinking and economies dependent on energy production.  “We understand how important it is to do it responsibly and keep our energy resources safe and secure.”
Palin, who spoke without notes, made frequent references to her ill-fated run for the Republican Party as Vice-Presidential candidate.  At one point during a question-and-answer period, she held up her bare palm in a mocking reference to the media frenzy after Palin’s Tea Party Convention speech in Tennessee when photographers caught notes on her hand.  She cleverly referred to a Scripture passage from ISAIAH 49 about names written on the palm of God’s hand.
She also made references to family members originally from Canada saying both her great-grandfathers were from the prairies, one from Manitoba and the other from Moose Jaw, Sask.  Palin smiled as said, “That must be where my love of moose comes from.”
Palin said she advised organizers of the populist Tea Party movement to pressure both Democrats and Republicans to make changes.  She would not comment fully on her possible Presidential plans in 2012.
She drew spirited applause from the crowd when she said that those who advocate sound science, not “snake oil science’ in discussion about climate change will win the debate.  “What’s going on right now is vindication for us that were dealing with sound science, not politics.  People’s eyes and ears are now open.”
Palin said her focus is on getting individuals elected who share her beliefs in free enterprise and free markets, smaller government and letting the private sector do everything possible.
She said, “The answers aren’t easy but there are some simple answers.”  Palin added that “she supports the common sense values of former President Ronald Reagan.
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