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Michael Prell: Sarah Palin Fishing for American Exceptionalism

Monday, December 20, 2010 0 Responses
Watching "Sarah Palin's Alaska" is like stepping back in time -- not to a time when Americans lived off the land and the sea, but to a time when our desire to be #1 was celebrated and not scorned.
A recent episode of "SP's Alaska" was about Sarah Palin's oldest son Track trying to prove to his father Todd that he was worthy of taking over the #1 fishing site in Bristol Bay.  As Sarah Palin said, "Todd has the #1 site in this Track has to work very, very hard and prove to Todd that he deserves to fish the #1 site." […]
Contrast President Obama's attitude about success to that of his biggest challenger, Sarah Palin, who said in TLC's "Alaska" that "[i]t's very important to remember that the more successful fisherman is going to be the harder-working fisherman.  The harder you work, the more money you're going to make, the more fish you're going to be able to pick.  That, again, is a life lesson that so many should, and could, be learning." […]
"Sarah Palin's Alaska" offers a more optimistic view of what it means to be #1.  Nine-year-old Piper proudly said, "I think I'm the best fish filleter in the whole third grade."  Husband Todd said, "There's competition amongst fishermen, and it's all healthy fun.  We all wish each other the best, but we have to have a little competitive spice throughout the summer."  Eldest son Track said, "I compete with my dad when it comes to fishing, because he's had some pretty big numbers over the years."  And a non-Palin crewman named Kaleb said, "Someday, Track and I hopefully will be able to pass Todd.  It's kinda one of those goals.  You wanna be the best."
All of this "exceptionalism" on screen, and in Sarah Palin's new book America by Heart (which devotes an entire chapter to American exceptionalism), has the media all "wee-wee'd up" to the point where they have revealed their latent Underdogma at last..........


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