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(Video) Sarah Palin Post: Joe Miller & Lisa Murkowski Debate See Who'll Protect The Constitution

Sunday, August 22, 2010 1 Response
RUNNING: Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller (Part 2/2)

RUNNING: Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller (Part 1/2)

Sarah Palin
I believe Joe is the better choice for Alaskans. Joe has the right values; he is ready to help lead the greatest state in our exceptional nation; he is Alaska's true Commonsense Conservative choice, and I'll be proud to vote for him for the United States Senate.  Please join my family and me in supporting Joe Miller.
Todd Palin
Joe Miller isn’t afraid to shake things up in order to get the job done, and that’s exactly what we need in Washington today. We need reliable conservatives who have the backbone to fight for fiscal reforms, and will protect Alaska’s freedoms and opportunities with a passion that matches the size of our great state!
Mike Huckabee
I [am] pleased to support Joe Miller for U.S. Senate from Alaska. A former State Magistrate and Federal Judge, Joe possesses a deep understanding of the law, but more importantly understands its impact on the people...With the federal government encroaching quickly into every aspect of our lives – we need Joe in the U.S. Senate to help Congress make the correct decisions to bring Washington back to the limited role envisioned by the Founding Founders...Please join me in supporting Joe Miller – let’s make him Alaska’s next Senator.
Mark Levin, author and radio host
Do you think Murkowsky should be elected in the Republican primary? There's a conservative running against her, you know. His name is Joe Miller. Now far be it from me to tell Alaskans what to do, but my attitude is, "you want to save this country," then...Senator [Murkowski] needs to go! Alaska...Joe Miller. That's the conservative!


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