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Gov Palin Trusts Her Instincts, Smells Blood & It Isn’t Her Own

Tuesday, July 07, 2009 7 Responses
Governor Palin’s decision to resign as governor of Alaska so that she could, “advance in another direction,” was a brilliant political move.

She senses, or sees, or grasps what few in politics understand today. Americans are tired of the same old, same old — be it Republican, Democratic, or even Green Party.

The sound of thundering hoofs coming over the hill is apparent to any real student of political history. However, it seems that only an unlikely moose hunter like Palin has put her ear to the ground to listen.

Add to this the perfect set up for a woman who is charismatic and really connects with people, instead of a teleprompter, a fawning overpaid staff, or a purchased press, and you see where Palin is headed.

She intends to forge a coalition of those increasingly large numbers of Americans “with noses pressed to the window” looking in at the “swells” in the fancy ball gowns and tuxedos who are dancing the night away. Those Americans without gold plated health insurance, without jobs, without cash, cards, or even cars to call their own, are her natural constituency and she knows it.

Palin intends to start another Populist movement — without the help of the “usual suspects” — professional image consultants, handlers, inside the Beltway know-it-alls, and especially the establishment press. Gov Palin trusts her instincts, smells blood & it isn’t her own.

She is setting up a perfect stage from which to launch another run for the Presidency.

The irony is that the more criticism and ridicule Palin receives from the chattering, clattering, clapping class that has forgotten regular Americans, the more raucous support she will receive. This is the revenge of the outsiders!

Palin’s McArthur like stand will marginalize the press, the pundits, the politicians, and the oh-so-self-important elites that have produced the current economic, military, political, social, and cultural quicksand. She senses the people’s smoldering outrage and mounting fears.

Whether or not Palin makes a Presidential run is immaterial. She has set the stage for whatever option she chooses. A run for the Senate in 2010. The Presidency in 2012. A stay at home mom. A rabble rousing speaking tour. An over the top fund raiser. And of course, the already inked book deal. She is a natural. And those thundering hoofs coming over the hill are getting louder.

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