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Governor Palin The Fiscal Conservative: Cut Spending And Substitute With Stimulus Funds

Monday, April 13, 2009 0 Responses

Gov. Sarah Palin said the biggest “string” attached to the federal stimulus money is that “we are tying ourselves to the problem of the nation’s growing debt, $11 trillion of debt.”
“It’s a big fat string to wanna be tied to. What this is is basically a bailout for many of the states. Look what’s happening on a national level with private businesses, where government’s coming in to bail them out in order to get in there and have more control of those businesses,” she told reporters Friday in Juneau.
“Who’s to say that the same philosophy isn’t going to be used there in terms of bailing out a state and then getting in there and having more control over that state. That doesn’t sit well with Alaskans.”


Governor Palin Honors 4 Firms With Safety Award of Ecellence

Monday, April 13, 2009 0 Responses

Four companies were recognized recently with a Governor's Safety Award of Excellence for their worker health and safety programs:
• Alaska Tanker Co., the company that sails BP's oil from Valdez, had 18 recordable injury cases in more than 4.8 million work hours from 2005-07, a rate 83 percent below industry averages. Alaska Tanker had three days away/restricted/transfer cases, 96 percent below industry averages, the Labor Department said.
• Dunkin & Bush Inc., an industrial coating and painting contractor in Kenai, had one recordable illness and injury in more than 138,000 work hours over the last three years. That was 64 percent below industry averages.
• Horizon Lines' Kodiak Terminal operated at an injury level below the Bureau of Labor Standards rates during the period of 2006-2008.
• Shaw Infrastructure Inc., a global engineering and construction business with an office in Anchorage, had one recordable injury/illness case in more than 273,000 work hours from 2005-07 -- 88 percent below the industry average. In addition.....


Governor Palin Expresses Concern Over Obama's Missile Defense Cuts

Monday, April 13, 2009 0 Responses

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A proposal to cut more than $1 billion from the Missile Defense Agency's budget has some of Alaska's leaders worried, including Gov. Sarah Palin.
A proposal made by the secretary of defense would cut $1.4 billion from the agency.
In a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Palin said the proposal is not the best decision for today's "threatened environment," and that she is deeply concerned how the cuts could impact Alaska and Hawaii with North Korea's missile development and testing program.
Gates says the cuts are needed to start an overhaul of unnecessary military spending. The link to Governor Palin's letter to Secretary Gates is below.


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