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Sarah Palin Endorsement: Todd Tiahrt For US Senate Kansas

Thursday, June 24, 2010 0 Responses
I’m happy to endorse Todd Tiahrt’s campaign to be the next U.S Senator from Kansas. Todd is a protector of our Constitution, a pro-family, pro-Second Amendment Commonsense Conservative who has never voted for a tax increase and has fought to end the wasteful spending coming out of Washington. He didn’t just stand on the sidelines complacently, but instead actually battled against the bailouts, the debt-ridden stimulus spending, the cap-and-tax energy schemes, and Obamacare. In fact, remember on the day Obamacare was being debated, Todd Tiahrt was on the House floor all day working to defeat it, and he’s helped lead the charge to repeal and replace Obamacare the moment it was signed into law. We can count on Todd to take on the liberal spending agenda of the Obama administration and fight for lower taxes, more individual freedom, and less government intrusion.

Please join me in supporting Todd Tiahrt’s campaign by visiting his website at and following him on Facebook and Twitter.
- Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday picked the true conservative in the Kansas Republican primary endorsing Todd Tiahrt for the U.S. Senate. Palin called Tiahrt a "protector of our Constitution" and praised his efforts to battle the bailouts, stimulus spending, and higher taxes coming from Washington.
"Todd's campaign for the U.S. Senate continues to build momentum, and we are thrilled that Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed the true conservative in this race," said Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign. "Governor Palin recognized that Todd has never voted for a tax increase - unlike Congressman Moran who has voted to raise our taxes at least a dozen times. Governor Palin and conservatives across Kansas are lining up behind Todd's campaign because they know him to be a champion for our conservative values and a man of integrity. The same cannot be said of Congressman Moran who was recently exposed by Karl Rove for trying to trade his vote for a campaign fundraiser. 
 - Todd Tiahrt Campaign


The 100 Americans The Left Hates Most (Sarah Palin #2)

Thursday, June 24, 2010 0 Responses

As we have watched the ongoing fight in America over the direction of the country, the actions of the Obama administration and Democratic Congress, and the efforts of the tea party movement, the Townhall editorial team has noticed a disturbing pattern: the American Left is trashing everyone who dares to stand against them.
The more effective the voices that oppose their agenda, the greater the venom the Left spews in their direction. It’s this out-of-control behavior from our fellow citizens who are sold out to the ultra- liberal progressive Obama agenda to “radically transform” the United States that led us to create this list of “The 100 Americans the Left Hates Most.”
The Townhall editorial staff compiled a massive list of those we believe have the largest bull’s-eyes painted on them by the Left and the Democrat-dominated government. From that list, through a process of voting, debating and prioritizing, we assembled the final 100. There were only two absolute requirements: 1) They had to be living, which is why Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley Jr. are not featured; and 2) they had to be American, which explains Mark Steyn and the Pope’s absence from the list.
If you think we’re way off base with some or all of our rankings or believe we missed somebody, please let us know. We want to know what you think, so submit your thoughts to
#2 SARAH PALIN - Long after her 2008 run to be vice president ended, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is continuing to make political waves.
As a favorite of grassroots conservative tea partiers, Palin has used her star power to bring attention to various underdog candidates and issues facing voters this fall. As a conservative working woman and dedicated mom, Palin’s anti-feminist brand of feminism has redefined the scope of “women’s issues” and shed light on blatant liberal hypocrisy.
Though try as they might to silence her—with attacks on everything from her outspoken criticism of the current administration to her bra size—Palin is a light that will not be snuffed out. Much to the chagrin of the liberal elites and leftist reformists, Palin’s down-to-earth independence, patriotic spirit and no- nonsense can-do attitude will only continue to propel her popularity.
#1 GLENN BECK - Glenn Beck has been doing his thing for years. He’s had a growing radio audience of millions as the third-most-listened-to host in America, and he has never shied way from expressing his love of country (it’s why he gained the reputation for crying on the air) and his disdain for liberal policies that run counter to everything our nation was founded on.
It wasn’t until the last couple of years that the rabid hatred of Beck went mainstream. What happened?
On Jan. 19, 2009, just in time to counter the progressive agenda of the Obama administration that would be sworn in the next day, Beck launched his Fox News Channel (FNC) show. Though he had been on CNN’s Headline News since May 2006, doing a very similar show, it took joining the Fox News family for Beck to really gain the ire of the Left—as long has he was on a low-rated cable channel that also happened to share the ultimate liberal agenda, they felt they could at least co-exist with the conservative talker.[…]

That is why the Left hates him.



Sarah Palin Wins Another One, Paves Way For Female Chief Executives

Thursday, June 24, 2010 0 Responses
As most people know, Sarah Palin is relentlessly attacked by those who elevate the state over the individual and by those who lack faith in any higher power except the regulatory power of Washington, D.C. Many of these people use – and abuse – the law, and in the case of Sarah Palin, they have abused our state ethics laws by repeatedly, remorselessly, and routinely filing false and malicious claims against her. So too, they have resorted to our courts, where several civil suits were filed against Sarah Palin. To date, these civil suits have been rejected by the courts as baseless. But we know the toll this caused the Palins. Almost a year ago, Governor Palin pointed out the many groundless complaints, records requests and suits filed against her, and explained that:
  • “…it hasn’t been cheap – the State has wasted thousands of hours of your time and shelled out some two million of your dollars to respond to ‘opposition research’ – that’s money not going to fund teachers or troopers – or safer roads. And this political absurdity, the ‘politics of personal destruction’… Todd and I are looking at more than half a million dollars in legal bills in order to set the record straight. And what about the people who offer up these silly accusations? It doesn’t cost them a dime so they’re not going to stop draining public resources – spending other peoples’ money in their game…. Some Alaskans don’t mind wasting public dollars and state time. I do. I cannot stand here as your Governor and allow millions upon millions of our dollars go to waste just so I can hold the title of Governor.”
The past year has confirmed that Governor Palin was right. The number of false claims, records requests, mendacious accusations and ridiculous posturing by the left and street corner ethicists dropped dramatically – at least as applied to the mechanics of state government. 
But it did not all go away when she stepped aside – some claims and suits are pending and are getting resolved in time. A judge in Anchorage recently issued a ruling throwing out a baseless claim against Governor Palin – and indirectly involving Todd Palin. In this civil claim, Todd Palin was being attacked because he was a close and trusted advisor to his wife, the Governor. That he was should surprise no one. The claimant asserted that because Todd Palin was not being paid by the State of Alaska, any emails copied to him could not be protected by the standard law of deliberative process privilege – a privilege that essentially protects the decision making process in government in order to allow the decision makers the freedom to honestly discuss policy and process and promote the open exchange of ideas. The claimant demanded the right to see emails that were sent to Todd Palin. 
In a well reasoned opinion, the judge explored state law, federal law (including an historical discussion on First Lady Sarah Polk, wife of President James K. Polk), and invoked a too rarely used legal principle – common sense – to throw out this lawsuit. In so doing, the court concluded that Todd Palin, as the First Gentleman, though unpaid, was in essence a privileged consultant to the Office of the Governor, and the court compared Todd Palin’s privileged consultations to First Lady Hillary Clinton, in which a federal court determined that the chief executive’s spouse “acts as the functional equivalent of an assistant to the President.” And, with state government employees assisting the first spouse, Todd Palin had a clear and obvious privileged consultative function and is analogous to a de facto state officer. 
The court ultimately concluded that “common sense and Federal law” compel the conclusion that “Todd Palin could properly… act[] as an advisor to the Governor” and therefore he was appropriately involved in policy discussions, emails, and deliberative discussions, all of which are protected from disclosure.  Official Court Ruling
It is refreshing to see a court resort to common sense and historical precedent. Further, as more and more women get elected to high office (What are they called now? – “Mama Grizzlies”?), it is notable that challenges such as this, which were based on sexist notions and demeaning attitudes towards women, are being rejected. This suit challenged Todd Palin’s role as a first spouse and was implicitly premised on the idea that a male spouse must somehow exert too much influence over a female chief executive. Hence the demand to “see those emails” from Todd Palin; but contrast this with decades of silence relative to communications to prior executive spouses – female spouses. That dismissive and contemptuous posture towards the new brand of feminist leaders was appropriately condemned by the court as lacking a basis in reality. 
There are, of course, some remaining issues to address. The attacks against Sarah Palin will continue. They are distractions meant to keep her off message. There will be times when Sarah Palin will have to take one for the team in order to continue on with her message to the country and simply resolve matters without having to incur crushing personal debt. That is the cost, unfortunately, of public life today. When that happens, read the details closely – like the details in this court opinion. Every time you do you will see that Sarah Palin has always acted with honest intent. You will see that again soon. Today’s ruling is a positive step not just for Sarah and Todd Palin, but for all female chief executives currently in office – and waiting to take office in November. 
- Thomas Van Flein, Attorney for Sarah Palin


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