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Sarah Palin's Father Endorses Tim James For Governor Of Alabama

Thursday, May 27, 2010 2 Responses
Montgomery, AL - Sarah Palin’s father and brother, Chuck Heath Sr. and Chuck Heath Jr., have endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James for governor of Alabama.
Chuck Heath, Sr. says, “I’m all for him. He’s my kind of guy. I’m very impressed with him.”
Heath met with Tim James earlier in the year at the Rainy Day Patriots’ TEA Party rally on Tax Day, April 15, in the Birmingham area. While there was some political conversation, the majority of the time was spent by the two men talking about their mutual love of hunting and the outdoors.
James said upon hearing the news, “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Heaths earlier this year. Just like Sarah Palin, they are down-to-earth people who love our country, believe in true conservative values, and know the importance of taking care of the natural resources our country has been blessed with. I am thrilled with this endorsement.”
Chuck Heath, Jr. says they think hard and long before endorsing any candidate. “We’re really selective and endorse very few people. We feel really comfortable with Tim James.”
He says they heard a lot about Tim and when the family met him they knew immediately he shared the same true conservative ideas and values. Heath, Jr. added that Tim James “clearly has a passion for hunting and the outdoors.” “Most importantly,” the Heaths say, “Tim James will slash government spending and protect citizens against tax increases.”


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