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The Power Of Palin: Oprah Bows To Sarah

Thursday, October 22, 2009 2 Responses
Bob Beers, of Canada Free Press, wrote an interesting piece: Oprah bows to Palin.  I posted part of the article.  
I heard today that Sarah Palin has been invited to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

After picking my jaw up from the ground, I ran back over my archives. During the campaign, Oprah had Obama on enough time for her to qualify as one of his campaign operatives. Sarah Palin didn’t even get a consideration much less an invitation. Perhaps it is because her forthcoming book, “Going Rogue” is a bestseller even before it hits the bookstores. This link tells the story. People cannot get it yet and it has blown every single Democrat book that could even be considered competition out of the water.

I have a feeling that part of the reason is that most Democrats do not have the intelligence to read books much less write them. If you want to have a book be a best seller, you have to cater to the reading community, and being liberal immediately removes you from consideration.

Right below Going Rogue is The Lost Symbol and Arguing With Idiots by Glenn Beck. You have to go waaaay down the list to find a liberal piece. It is interesting to note it that Palin is still considered a polarizing figure even after stepping away from the Governor’s mansion in Alaska. What I find most puzzling is the absolute hatred the left expressed toward her though not one of those expressing that hatred had ever met her.

Martin Luther King, the iconic figure of the equal rights movement, expressed a dream not one member of the left has ever fulfilled; to judge a person by his or her character, not by the color of the skin they wear. Sarah Palin has exemplified nothing but superlative character even under withering fire from both her political enemies and those who should have been her political allies. No wonder, when given the chance, she removed herself from the firing line.

Right now the Republican Party is experiencing free fall. Old guard members such as Bob Dole have even gone so far as to sign on to Obama’s ruinous Health Care takeover bill. In New York the party has nominated a woman for an open congressional seat whose voting record makes Chuck Schumer look conservative.  Across the nation similar idiotic moves by the GOP are taking place. The party leadership has given up and decided that accommodation is the way to go. Sarah Palin’s record proves that wrong which is why they attacked her, joining with the liberals.

Obama has continued to use the phrase, “America, a country it should be,” in his speeches. The left does not want America to be what it was, the land of the free, and the home of the brave; the wealthiest, the strongest, the best. They want every country to get “participation ribbons” simply for being there. It is like Obama’s Nobel Prize. He got it for his intentions and nothing more. Sarah Palin’s book and her invitation onto the Oprah Obama show say something else entirely.

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