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TV Show "Supernatural" Predicts Sarah Palin Presidency

Thursday, October 01, 2009 5 Responses
An interesting prediction from the CW series, “Supernatural”  Sarah Palin is our next President.  American hating liberal Hollywood naturally was not very complimentary to Sarah Palin. They predict doomsday but then again they elected the communist anti-christ so they are not to far off the mark.  What they do not realize is the disaster Obama has created will also have to be cleaned up by President Palin.  It is also safe to say that what ever political opinion or view Hollywood holds the opposite is true.
In episode 4, one of the lead characters is transported to circa 2014, where a demonic pandemic (not swine flu/H1N1) is circling the globe and cities are a wreck. One character states a news headline: "President Palin defends bombing of Houston."
The creator of “Supernatural” Eric Kripke  said in an interview episode 4, which leaps five years into the future: "Sarah Palin is president. It's the apocalypse! That would be a sign!" Kripke said.  
He was asked a 2nd time if he was serious about Sarah Palin: 
No, we weren't joking. Like I said, it is the Apocalypse, after all. Beyond that, the world in 2014 is a entertainingly nasty place to be. The Croatoan virus, introduced in Season 2, has spread worldwide, resulting in a 28 Days Later situation. Our band of hunters have resorted to living in the woods, protecting as many terrified survivors as they can. When we meet our heroes in the future, we'll see that time has changed them. Especially Castiel. But on the plus side, Chuck is living with the guys at the refugee camp, and he's still as neurotic as ever.


Palin Power Targets Dirty Harry Reid

Thursday, October 01, 2009 0 Responses
Sarah Palin’s father Chuck Heath will travel from Alaska to Nevada on October 2 to spend the weekend campaigning with Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian, one Republican hoping to unseat the Harry Leader next November.
The retired science teacher is scheduled to make five stops across Nevada with Tarkanian, the son of legendary college basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian. He is considered to be one of the frontrunners for the GOP nomination along with Nevada GOP chairwoman Sue Lowden, if she decides to formally enter the race.
Heath certainly won't bring out the kind of crowds that showed up to see his daughter during the presidential race, but he'll likely draw some of the Republican faithful eager to catch of glimpse of anything Palin-related.
Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton, relayed a message that Sarah Palin "loves 'Tark the Shark'" — the elder Tarkanian's nickname from his coaching days. She added that "the Governor is rooting for Senator Harry Reid's defeat."
It's not the first time Heath has hit the road to help a Republican candidate: In August, Heath traveled to his native Idaho to stump for Republican congressional candidate Vaughn Ward. Heath told the Idaho Statesman at the time that he was already planning an appearance with Tarkanian, but that he needed to delay his plans.
"He wanted to do it right away, but I gotta go moose hunting in September," Heath told the paper in August.
Stapleton said the two men met on the campaign trail last fall and that "the Heaths and Tarkanians obviously share love of conservative politics and sports."
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