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Fiscal Conservative Governor Palin Sets Stage For Alaska Pipeline

Monday, April 27, 2009 0 Responses

Sen. Gene Therriault, R-North Pole, said the Dalton, which links rich oil and gas resources on the North Slope to the road system, is Alaska’s “road to the bank,” and as such should be a priority for lawmakers.

“It appeared to me that Governor Palin had taken the advice of the DOT statewide organization on where the critical roads were for pipeline preparations, and certainly that struck me as being sensible,” Therriault said.

He said the money for the few Dalton projects is much-needed.
“We were fortunate, because the needs on the road are so big and have been kind of left lacking the last couple of years,” he said. “We are able to move the ball forward, we’re just not able to move it as far as we hoped.”
Capital budget projects were another matter. Majority members warned others lawmakers not to look for much loose change in the pared-down budget. Projects in districts with powerful majority lawmakers received more funding, he said.
He criticized the disparity in capital projects funding between regions, setting a large portion of the blame on the Finance Committee co-chairmen.
Four Northern Region projects would be funded with the federal stimulus package pending approval by the governor.
Of roughly $174 million in shovel-ready projects, only about $17.2 million went to Northern Region work. That means the area received about 9.3 percent of the total transportation stimulus money allocated to Alaska, but had $78 million worth of work waiting for funds and included on Palin’s must-do list.

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Welcome To The New 2012 Draft Sarah Committee

Monday, April 27, 2009 0 Responses
We are a diverse committee of Americans from across America who have been inspired by Governor Sarah Palin and feel she should be the next President of the United States. This committee has been formed to encourage Governor Sarah Palin to run for U.S. President in 2012. The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee is registered with the Federal Elections Commission as a draft committee. The requirements on who can contribute are the same as for any federal elections. Statements of income, contributors and expenditures are filed with the FEC.

Be assured, that this committee is all about Governor Sarah Palin. This committee is not about any one individual on the Board of Directors or any one Organizer. We are a team with a single vision and single purpose. That being; "This committee has been formed to encourage Governor Sarah Palin to run for U.S. President in 2012. Won't you join us?
Please visit us at: . You will see on the menu to the left to contact the organizer in your state to see how you can help. If your state does not have an organizer in it already email our Chairman Randy Highsmith, to see how you can plug in to help advance the cause in your state. You can also sign up for our email updates and/or sign up as a volunteer.


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