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Ann Coulter on Forgetting Governor Palin

Thursday, July 09, 2009 0 Responses

Ann Coulter wrote a great piece describing the "Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome." As usual Ann is on the money, sarcastic, funny and tells us like it is! I posted only part of the article.

Governor Palin has deeply disappointed her enemies. People who hate her guts feel she's really let them down by resigning. She's like the ex-girlfriend they're SO over, never want to see again, have already forgotten about -- really, it's O-ver -- but they just can't stop talking about her.

Liberal: Ha, ha ... Sarah who? She's over, she's toast, a future Trivial Pursuit answer, nothing more.

Normal person: Whatever. How about the North Korean missiles?

Liberal: Can you believe she just resigned the governorship like that? What a quitter!

Normal person: Speaking of quitting, how's work?

Liberal: Did you hear she might get a TV show? There's no way Sarah Palin's getting a TV show! No way! I can't believe stupid Sarah Palin could get her own stupid TV show now. Well, I'm sure not gonna watch it -- that's for sure!

Normal person: Have you seen all the Michael Jackson coverage on TV?

Liberal: How does she think she can run for president in 2012 if she can't finish her term as governor of a Podunk state? She's finished.

Normal person: OK, then! You won't have to vote for her.

Liberal: I was never going to vote for her! But now I'm not going to vote for her twice. And I will never watch her TV show. I am so over her.

With the left frenetically filing ethics complaint after ethics complaint against Palin, costing her state millions of dollars and her personally half a million dollars, citizens of Alaska must be asking, "Can we please have our state back?"

The truth is liberals are furious they won't have Sarah Palin to kick around anymore -- at least not with Palin's hands tied behind her back by her public office.

But instead of being honest and saying, "Oh well, it was a good ride while it lasted," liberal chatterers indignantly demand: "Is this not the greatest betrayal a public servant ever committed against the people?"

On one hand, liberals are enraged at the heinousness of Mark Sanford -- whom they didn't vote for -- for not resigning and, on the other, they're enraged at Palin -- whom they also didn't vote for -- for resigning.

The peculiarly venomous hatred of Palin is driven by women of the left and their whipped consorts. All that needs to happen is for a feminist to overhear two Nation readers saying, "I hate to admit it, but Palin is kind of hot" and ...WHAT??????????? YOU CALL THAT HOT? I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW WE'VE GOT A MEGA-SUPER HOTTIE IN DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ. AND NEED I REMIND YOU AGAIN OF THE RAW SEX APPEAL OF RACHEL MADDOW?

Democrats are a party of women, and nothing drives them off their gourds like a beautiful Christian conservative. (How much money has that other beautiful born-again, Carrie Prejean, been forced to spend on lawyers to respond to liberal hysteria?)

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Palin – Perry 2012 or 2016?

Thursday, July 09, 2009 0 Responses
Conroe, TX — Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday Governor Palin is committed to campaigning for his re-election bid & that he welcomes the support of The Governor.

Perry, after a luncheon speech to a Lions Club in Conroe north of Houston, said:

He intends to complete the full four years if he's re-elected next year to a third term. "Sarah and I were friends well back before she became a national star, She'll be here."

Back in a June interview Governor Perry mentioned he had been endorsed by Governor Palin, whom he described as a "close personal friend" who "knows my heart." He also noted that, "If there's a bigger endorsement in the Republican universe, I don't know who it is than Sarah." (Please see my June 20, 2009 post)

Republican Perry already is the longest-serving Texas governor. He also will face a primary fight from a member of his own party from U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. This is disgraceful & a huge waste of campaign funds within the same party but Senator Hutchison seems to be indifferent and more concerned about her own carrier. What is also amazing is Texas actually added over 250,000 jobs last month, it is the fastest growing state in the country, Texas is sitting on $9 billion surplus thanks to Gov Perry (all because of tax cuts) & Sen. Hutchison still wants an expensive battle in this economy & political atmosphere. Perry should easily handle Hutchison simple because of his stelar record.

Also on Wednesday, Perry's campaign said it raised $4.2 million over a 9-day period at the end of June & that it has $9.3 million in available cash. Hutchison reported having nearly $8 million in campaign cash at the end of 2008, most of it transferred from her federal campaign account.

The money race is an early indicator that the contest will be rough, hugely wasteful & expensive, costing tends of millions of dollars. It could be a barometer for the GOP nationally in a tug of war between conservatives, who back Perry in Texas, & liberals like those who are expected to support Hutchison.


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