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(Photos) What The Palins Did On Christmas Day While NO Church For Obama

Saturday, December 26, 2009 2 Responses
Tracey P from Team Sarah posted photos from the Wasilla Christmas Friendship Dinner with the Sarah & Todd Palin serving dinner.  Greg Johnson, from the Frontiers, also reported from the the dinner, Christmas Friendship Dinner dubbed 'best ever':

Wasilla, Alaska — As the vice-presidential candidate served up mashed potatoes and turkey to a long line of hungry visitors, Santa was still wide awake after pulling an all-nighter delivering gifts around the world. Both were all smiles as they chatted with and served up food and presents to hundreds at the 18th annual Christmas Friendship Dinner at the Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center.

“No, no, no, not tired at all,” Santa said. “All that cocoa last night, and with all the cookies and chocolate, I’m wide awake.”  While Palin has been making national headlines since the release of her best-selling memoir, “Going Rogue,” there were no mobs of well-wishers, protesters or media. Many of the attendees were glad to see her and husband Todd participating in a hometown event, but said, at least on Christmas, Santa was the No. 1 celebrity at the sports center on Christmas.  [...]

For 18 straight years, Bob Bowers helped organize and cook for the Christmas Friendship Dinner This years, Bowers and a small army of volunteers, including The Palins helped cook and serve 63 turkeys, 60 hams, 600 pounds of potatoes, 50 gallons of gravy, 80 pounds of butter, dozens of large cans of beans and corn, and 600 pounds of carrots.

Naturally, Obama and family stayed away from anything Christian on Christmas as CNN reported.


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