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(Video) MSNBC’s Hardball: Matthews Schooled By GOP Strategist 'Palin More Experienced Than Obama'

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 0 Responses

(5:01) CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Now, Sarah Palin, we have seen across-the-board nationally. She`s got low numbers in the 30s. But you put her in the Republican Party, she is in the 70s. The question is: look at this, she`s going to two rallies in California this Saturday and Florida the following Saturday. She`s sort of doing the weekends. I guess Roger Ailes lets her off for the weekend from FOX.
MATTHEWS: Well, I think she has a job. I mean, she`s working over there, OK?
CHRISTIE: And she`s doing a fantastic job of going out and mobilizing the base and getting people who are fired up for this election. You talk about her numbers being in the 30s.
MATTHEWS: You think she`s qualified to be president?
CHRISTIE: I do. Of course, I do. She was governor of Alaska. She was mayor of a city. She`s certainly had a whole heck of a lot more experience than a particular junior senator from Illinois.
MATTHEWS: No, I like the way you say that with absolutely no hesitation. She`s qualified to be president of the United States.
CHRISTIE: Of course.
MATTHEWS: Handling our nuclear weapons, handling the world`s population --
CHRISTIE: You mean of course considering the one that we have sitting there now who`s been indecisive on the economy? He's been indecisive on the war...
CHRISTIE: He's been indecisive on every single solitary issue. Booyah!
So stunned was Matthews he wisely decided to ask his other guest a question:
MATTHEWS: Josh, what`s the role of Sarah Palin going to be?
JOSH MARSHALL, TALKINGPOINTSMEMO.COM: It`s obviously to rally the base. You`ve got, you know, the electorate is much more polarized around her than around Barack Obama, if that is even possible. But I`m curious -- I`m interested to see that that is becoming the sign on the dotted line question for Republicans across the country.
You see Carly Fiorina a few days ago, they each have to eventually answer this question: do you think this woman is qualified to be president of the United States? They tried to duck it and they try to duck it, but a lot of them have to say yes.
MATTHEWS: I love it. I think it`s the litmus test. That`s why Ron Christie is selling books and not running for office. He can say yes.


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