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Gallup Poll: Governor Sarah Palin Just Getting Started

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 1 Response
Governor Sarah Palin’s popularity is growing and growing.  First we see her impact on major issues like Health Care, Energy Policy, Afghanistan, and the economy all with simple Facebook postings.  We then see off the charts book sales, a price war between retail giants like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and Boarders and reports her book could save the slow sales season.  AMAZING!! She also has a commanding lead in most polls for 2012.  

UPI and Gallup had this to say: 
Poll: Edwards done, Palin may be starting.  Despite a decline in Palin's ratings, however, Gallup said her ability to stay in the news – particularly since her surprise resignation as Alaska's governor -- may allow her to move from being a vice presidential candidate in one election to being a presidential candidate in the next.

Palin went from a 53 percent rating right after her nomination as Arizona Sen. John McCain's running mate at the Republican National Convention to 42 percent at the time of the ticket's defeat at the polls in November. Her ratings have dropped an additional two percent since then, the poll indicted.

The poll results were based on telephone interviews conducted Oct. 1-4, 2009 with 1,013 national adults. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points. A typical small amount polled and not reflective of the overall population.

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