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Enemy Of The People (The Media) Banned From Gov Palin’s Hong Kong Speech

Monday, September 14, 2009 3 Responses

The Hill has reported that the media will not be permitted to attend Governor Palin’s keynote speaking engagement on Wednesday the 23rd of September.

This is great news considering the media has become an embarrassment and in my opinion the most dangerous entity in the world, al Qaeda #2. It is very simple, they have sided with radical Islam verse America, put Obama into power and continue to cover for him, at our detriment, despite the disaster he is and is creating.

The Governor will address 100s of CEOs, fund managers and other financial big-hitters from around the world at the Hong Kong forum.

The event in general is open to the media. But a spokesperson for CLSA, Asia's top investment houses, said that Governor Palin's session with will take place in private.

"Some of our keynote sessions in previous years were also closed to the media. So this is not the first time, Ms Palin has not yet confirmed with us the topic of her speech," the spokesperson added.

Past speakers at the annual CLSA event include former US president Bill Clinton, Clinton's vice president Al Gore, and ex-Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan.


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