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Governor Palin: Alaska's Unemployment Level Drops (Rises Nationwide)

Monday, June 01, 2009 0 Responses

A Twit From The Governor: "AK’s unemplmnt level dropped in April. State added 3,600 seasonal, private-sector jobs in construction & tourism."

Alaska’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell four-tenths of a percentage point in April to 8.0%, according to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. March’s rate was revised down one-tenth of a percentage point to 8.4%. Regular claims for unemployment insurance (excluding special programs in place to extend unemployment benefits) fell from 98,788 in March to 80,424 in April. The decline was a typical seasonal drop, although claims are well above recent years’ levels.

The U.S. unemployment rate rose four-tenths of a percentage point in April to 8.9% & payroll employment continued to fall. Since the recession began in December 2007, the nation’s total job count has fallen by 5.7 million jobs. The state added 3,600 jobs from March to April as seasonal hiring accelerated in construction & tourist-related industries. The April increase was smaller than in recent years & over-the-year growth in payroll jobs has slowed to 0.3 percent after averaging 1.4% in 2008.

Through March, the only other states besides Alaska still showing over-the-year job growth were Louisana & N Dakota. Alaska industries with signifi cant over-the-year growth in April were oil & gas, which was up 600 jobs, & health care, which was up 700. Jobs in construction were down 800 over the year. Seafood processing, retail trade, financial activities, & food services and drinking places were down by smaller margins.


Øbama Financier, George Soros, Behind Governor Palin Ethics Complaint

Monday, June 01, 2009 3 Responses

Billionaire George Soros is an extreme leftist & naturally a huge supporter & financier of Øbama. Soros funds dozens of far-left front groups which advocate everything from open borders, to the legalization of most drugs, to abortion on demand. George Soros’ funded "programs" also promote the liberal agenda being taught in schools. Some of Mr. Soros' endeavors include:, The Open Society Institute, USAction, Center For American Progress, Americans United For Change, money to ACORN & many more, including Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

CREW is the group who filed the clothes complaint against Governor Palin, and, in conjunction with Soros’ many activist organizations, as well as "friends" in the media, kept the story going well past its normal shelf life. CREW is a shadowy group. Depending on the source, you will find that CREW was either founded in 2001 by left-wing activists Norm Eisen (an attorney) and Louis Mayberg (a prominent Democrat donor, and co-founder of the Maryland-based mutual fund management firm ProFund Advisors LLC). Or...CREW was founded by Melanie Sloan, in 2003. Ms. Sloan is listed as the Executive Director on CREW's website. As you see, she references 2003. "CREW was founded in 2003 by Melanie Sloan, a former U.S. Attorney."

CREW receives funds from several George Soros groups such as the Democracy Alliance, the Tides Foundation, as well as the Open Society Institute – all Soros front groups. CREW seeks to construe itself as "non-partisan," however, all of their efforts target Republicans or conservatives. CREW's main purpose seems to be to file ethics complaints against a prominent, high profile target with the primary intention of seeking negative media exposure as opposed to pursuing real issues.

This has most certainly been the strategy used against Governor Palin. Numerous phony, and, sometimes, almost comical "ethics complaints" have been filed against Governor Palin since she has become a national figure and the front runner for the 2012 Republican nomination for President. The filing of these nonsensical complaints (13 of which have been thrown out), made huge headlines nationwide, and yet little, if any, news coverage has been devoted to their resolutions.

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