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April Economic Recovery: Gov Palin To “Officially” Announce Obama Regime Removal & 2012 Candidacy

Saturday, February 26, 2011 1 Response has learned that Palin has booked an appearance in April on The Bob and Mark Show on 106.5 KWHL-FM in Anchorage. Sarah has said all along — including on the final episode of her TLC show Sarah Palin’s Alaska — that she would announce her candidacy on the radio via Bob and Mark.
While the exact date hasn’t been confirmed, we’re told that with Sarah’s schedule, her appearance on the show — especially booked so far in advance — can mean only one thing: That she’ll be kicking off her campaign on the radio.
And with Sarah hiring a chief of staff, Michael Glassner, and the impending entrance of potential competitors Tim Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota, and Mitt Romney, ex-gov of Massachusetts, the time is certainly ripe.



My President, Sarah Palin, Speaks As Obama Dithers: Here’s to Libya’s Freedom

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It’s a little perplexing looking at the White House today. There was a statement on the horrible earthquake in New Zealand, and certainly our hearts go out to all those affected by this horrible natural disaster. But nothing on the slaughter in Libya? The protests in many places in the Middle East affect regimes that have cooperated with the U.S. on issues from peace with Israel, fighting al Qaeda, hosting our military forces, or cooperating against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Gaddafi’s Libya is different. For four decades, this tyrant has held power. Gaddafi was Osama before Osama hit the scene. He ordered the bombing of a disco in Germany to kill Americans. When he paid the price for that – after President Reagan rightly ordered retaliation – he directed his agents to blow up Pan Am Flight 103. They did, and more than 250 innocent people died. Gaddafi tried to come in from the cold in 2003 – scared by the demonstration effect of Iraq. But we should have no illusions. Gaddafi is a brutal killer and Libya – not to mention the world – would be better off if he were out of power. Now is the time to speak out. Speak out for the long-suffering Libyan people. Speak out for the victims of Gaddafi’s terror. NATO and our allies should look at establishing a no-fly zone so Libyan air forces cannot continue slaughtering the Libyan people. We should not be afraid of freedom, especially when it comes to people suffering under a brutal enemy of America. Here’s to freedom from Gaddafi for the people of Libya.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin: Iron Dogs Roarin’

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It’s no secret I’m cheering for Team #11 in this year’s Iron Dog race! Todd and his racing partner Eric Quam are doing very well and helping lead the pack as they'll soon be near the 1000-mile half-way point in Nome. They’ve been breaking trail through three feet of new snow! All these athletes are rugged and tough. Please keep all the racers in your prayers.

On a side note, there’s always buzz about fake Sarah Palin Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please know that this is my only authentic Facebook account and SarahPalinUSA is my only authentic Twitter account. Pay no attention to the fake accounts and their fake messages.

- Sarah 


(Video) Governor Palin's Q&A at Long Island Association

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Governor Palin To Union Brothers & Sisters: Seize Opportunity to Show True Solidarity

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The union-led school closures and demonstrations in Madison have left most ordinary Americans shaking their heads in disbelief. Months ago, I penned a message to my fellow union brothers and sisters when I found myself on the receiving end of union boss Richard Trumka’s wrath. Yesterday’s demonstrations reminded me of the full-page ads taken out against me when I put my foot down in dealing with union demands while I served as governor. My message then and now to good union brothers and sisters is that you have another option. You don’t have to kowtow to the union bosses who are not looking out for you, but instead are using you. You can join millions of other union members in a commonsense movement to help fight for the right causes in our great country – for budgets that share the burden in a truly fair way and for commonsense reforms that take power away from vested interests like union bosses and big business lobby groups, and put it back where it belongs – with “We the People.”

Here we are still struggling to get out of a deep recession and coping with high unemployment, record deficits, rapidly rising food prices, and a host of other economic problems; and Wisconsin union bosses want union members out in the streets demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for unsustainable benefits packages. I am a friend to hard working union members and to teachers. I come from a family of teachers; my grandparents, parents, brother, sister, aunt, and other relatives worked, or still work, in education. My own children attend public schools. I greatly admire good teachers and will always speak up in defense of the teaching profession. But Wisconsin teacher unions do themselves no favor by closing down classrooms and abandoning children’s needs in protest against the sort of belt-tightening that people everywhere are going through. Union brothers and sisters: this is the wrong fight at the wrong time. Solidarity doesn’t mean making Wisconsin taxpayers pay for benefits that are not sustainable and affordable at a time when many of these taxpayers struggle to hold on to their own jobs and homes. Real solidarity means everyone being willing to sacrifice and carry our share of the burden. It does no one any favors to dismiss the sacrifices others have already had to make—in wage cuts, unpaid vacations, and even job losses—to weather our economic storm.

Hard working, patriot, and selfless union brothers and sisters: please don’t be taken in by the union bosses. At the end of day, they’re not fighting for your pension or health care plan or even for the sustainability of Wisconsin’s education budget. They’re fighting to protect their own powerful privileges and their own political clout. The agenda for too many union bosses is a big government agenda that only serves the union bosses themselves – not union members, not union families, and certainly not the larger community. Everybody else is just there to foot the bill; and if that bill eventually takes the form of thousands of teachers and other public sectors workers losing their jobs because the state of Wisconsin can no longer afford to keep them on the payroll, that’s a risk the union bosses are willing to take as long as their positions are secure. Union brothers and sisters: you are better than this and you deserve better. Don’t be lead astray.

One final word of warning to my fellow Americans: back in 2009, I warned about what would happen if states accepted short-term unsustainable debt-ridden “Stimulus Package” funds. Accepting those funds allowed states to grow government, increase already unsustainable levels of spending, kick the can down the road on reforming entitlements, and create public expectations that they would continue financing these new mandates once the federal funds ran out. States were not in a position to grow government and take on new financial commitments then, and now the chickens have come home to roost. As goes Wisconsin today, so goes the country tomorrow.

- Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin At Long Island Association: Questions & Answers

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Sarah Palin: "It's no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you need to breast feed your babies....price of milk is so high!"
12:30 p.m. — "It amazed me the other day watching the president... tell the American public, and the press
12:37 p.m. — "His spending plan does add to the national debt. ... That is the wrong road to be on. That is not what’s going to cure the economic ills in our country."
12:41 p.m. — "I am so thankful for these strong congressmen and women who are saying no we’re not gonna vote for the debt ceiling to be raised. ... All that’s going to do is create this allowance for more big spenders.”
12:44 p.m. - "The media would try scare tactics to make you believe it has to result in a government shut down if we weren’t to raise the debt limit."
12:48 p.m. — “Tone deaf politicians are gonna be fired and be replaced.”
12:50 p.m. — "I think the games have to end, the road has to change, we’ve got to get on more commonsense grounds and apply those principles that have worked in the past."
12:52 p.m. — "I can’t even convince my own husband to register in the Republican Party."
12:53 p.m. — "I’m encouraged to hear about your governor, who seems to be open to the tradesmen who are on the front lines, the private sector bosses... and not just unions. He's gonna have to live within his means, that means cutting the budget."
12:57 p.m. — "I disagree with the premise there that I used rhetoric when I talked on my Facebook about health care reform."
12:59: p.m. — "It was literally crammed down our throats. … We can’t afford it and we didn’t want it to start with. We wanted practical reforms."
1:00 p.m. — "Obviously what I meant in there, death panels was in quotation marks … and now there’s this admittance…well yeah we’re gonna have to ration health care.
1:02 p.m. — "Who are these faceless bureaucrats on a panel who will decide?"
1:06 p.m. — "There are already on the books many gun control measures and I do support those gun laws."
1:08 p.m. — "I don’t support taking away even more freedoms from the good guys. … The bad guys aren’t gonna follow the laws that are on the books today. They’re not gonna follow any new laws that are put on the books either."
1:09 p.m. — "Certainly our hearts go out to the victims and pray for the full recovery of Gabby Giffords. ... The criminal he was an evil sick person. And adding another law to the book would not, I believe, have prohibited him from somehow, some way fulfilling his mission and the mission he was on was to harm fellow human beings."
1:20 p.m. — "We have to make sure that a group like the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t invited in to take over bc that certainly would defeat all the purposes of those protesters."
1:23 p.m. — "I am still thinking about the presidency. I certainly haven’t made up my mind. ... I hired a chief of staff because to tell you the truth Todd’s getting kinda tired of doing it all for me".
1:24 p.m. — "As for potentially an unconventional run and an unconventional cycle, that’s what going rogue is all about."
1:25 p.m. — "Time on the ground is very important. ... I know when I ran for VP I had exactly four days to prepare… for being on a national stage. Four days isn’t a whole lot of time to prepare. It’s not even enough time to pack a back."

Conservatives 4 Congress: Q & A with Sarah....


Governor Palin Dominates Two More 2012 Straw Polls

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Fox News / Greta Uncovers Video: Mayor Sarah Palin 1998 - The Reformer

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Sarah Palin Wins National Review's 2012 Presidential Poll (23,160 Total Votes)

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Gov Palin On Obama Lies: Truth Behind The White House ’s Budget Spin

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Today the White House finally produced its proposal for the 2012 budget. Beware of the left’s attempt to sell this as “getting tough on the deficit,” because as an analysis from Americans for Tax Reform shows, the White House’s plans are more about raising taxes and growing more government than reducing budget shortfalls.

The fine print reveals a White House proposal to increase taxes by at least $1.5 trillion over the next decade. If you want to know how minuscule their proposed $775 million-a-year budget “cuts” really are, please look at this chart. The proposed cuts are so insignificant – less than 1/10 of 1% of this year’s $1.65 trillion budget deficit – that they are essentially invisible on the pie chart. That speaks volumes about today’s budget.

- Sarah Palin

UPDATE: As J.D. Foster of the Heritage Foundation points out: “...the President proposes a budget that keeps the federal government on a thoroughly irresponsible and unsustainable course.” Please read the Heritage Foundation article and understand the $775 million in proposed cuts noted above are what the White House’s budget director Jacob Lew identified as reflecting what they perceive as some “tough calls.” Yet, as noted, they are a drop in the bucket; and the White House’s total proposed cuts for this year are still not at all enough to make us solvent.


47 Reasons Governor Palin Is Qualified to Be President --Happy B-day Gov--

Friday, February 11, 2011 1 Response

Send Governor Palin a Birthday Gift: Donate to SarahPAC

One of the many memes the GOP establishment, the Left and the media try to stick to Governor Palin is that she is unqualified to be President if she chooses to run. With today being her 47th birthday, it’s odd that so many people think she is younger than thirty-five years old! So, in honor of her birthday, I’d like to share 47 reasons Governor Palin is qualified to be President above and beyond constitutional requirements. In no particular order:
  1. She won’t perjure herself by taking the Presidential oath of office like many of her potential opponents.
  2. She has 9 years of executive experience, more than 3 times as much as the current President. As Governor, she held the 2nd most powerful gubernatorial office in the country.
  3. She knows how to budget. In her years as Governor, she reduced the state budget 9.5% over her predecessor and put $5 billion in state savings.
  4. She reduced federal earmark requests 80% as Governor over her predecessor, recognizing the need for fiscal responsibility at both state and national levels.
  5. She’s a proven reformer. She strove to break the bonds between Alaskan politicians and oil companies and passed sweeping ethics reform.
  6. She believes in true governmental transparency. As Governor, she put the state checkbook online to allow constituents to know how and where the state was spending revenue. During the negotiations of one of the cornerstones of her administration, the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA), all proposals were made available for public consumption.
  7. In signing the AGIA legislation and the progress that continues to this day, she brought a transcontinental pipeline project from Alaska to the Lower 48 further than 30 years of previous administrations. AGIA is the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history.
  8. She believes in oversight not over regulation for energy development. She opened an Petroleum Integrity Office to oversee energy development in Alaska.
  9. She believes in an all-of-the-above approach to energy development, including opening up ANWR, on shore drilling, off shore drilling, natural gas, coal, nuclear, and renewables.
  10. She understand the effects of quantitative easing will have on the economy in general and on commodity prices specifically.
  11. She would have the intestinal fortitude to actually take on reformation of entitlement programs to help derail the bullet train to bankruptcy.
  12. For the role of the presidency, the Constitution devotes the majority of its text to the role of commander-in-chief. Governor Palin would take this role seriously as displayed by her commitment to America’s military and her desire for a strong national defense.
  13. As part of her commitment to strong national defense, she criticized the Obama administration for making cuts to missile defense, and she stands strongly against the START treaty between Russia and America.
  14. She has been firmly against Obamacare from the beginning of legislative talks and strongly supports repeal.She truly sees America as an exceptional nation because of its people. 
  15. She praises what makes America unique; she doesn’t apologize.
  16. She puts principles above party and political expediency.
  17. She has stood strongly for securing America’s borders, as shown by her support of Arizona’s immigration law.
  18. She is strongly pro-life–a welcomed far cry from the pro-abortion president in history now occupying the White House.
  19. She stand supports human rights, particularly speaking out against the human rights abuses in China, Iran, and amongst peoples who embrace Sharia law.
  20. With regards to foreign policy, she has a far better grasp situation in Egypt with regards to the potential of the Muslim brotherhood’s involvement in a new government and Mubarak’s plans better than members of President Obama’s intelligence team, Leon Panetta and James Clapper.
  21. She actually had private sector experience that would enable her to understand what it takes to make payroll and budget with in one’s means, unlike the majority of members of the Obama administration.
  22. She’s a strong advocate for the 10th amendment, showing she understand not only the balance of powers between the branches of the federal government, but also between the federal and state governments.
  23. She shows grace under fire. In spite of having accusations of blood libel launched against her, she stood strongly and gracefully for the victims of the shooting in Tucson and for the freedom of open political discourse.
  24. Beyond her political achievements and strong conservative stances, she has character. In spite of a two and a half yeas of a constant barrage of ethics complaints, smears, lies, and media misrepresentation, she has remained strong.
  25. She has the ability to communicate with people across the spectrums of age, education, and background. She just as comfortable speaking to with businesspeople in Hong Kong as she is speaking to GOP supporters in California or pro-life advocates in Indiana.
  26. She is stands strongly with America’s allies, like Israel.
  27. The American people stand with her on the issues more than they do the current president.
  28. She has already taken on the Establishment in Alaska and won.
  29. She lives America’s motto–in God we trust.
  30. She ticks off all the right people.
  31. She believes the shrinking government expands individual freedom.
  32. She understands the threats of country like Iran.
  33. She understands the difference between separation of church and state and separation of God and state.
  34. As Governor, she forward funded education, giving schools greater flexibility and predictability in their planning.
  35. She was prescient of the Obama administration’s plans and policies as far back as September of 2008, and she can effectively reverse these policies.
  36. She is a firm advocate of freedom of speech, even standing up for those who have denigrated her.
  37. She knows how to respond to the largest environmental disaster in our nation’s history, unlike our current president.
  38. She believes America needs to restored, not fundamentally transformed.
  39. She has the optimism of Reagan with the tenacity of Thatcher.
  40. With Governor Palin as President, the era of big government would be gone.
  41. She doesn’t believe in identity politics or put people in a box.She sees individual Americans, not voting blocs.
  42. She is an American first, conservative second, and Republican third.
  43. She speaks from the heart,not a teleprompter.
  44. She is a leader, not a politician.
  45. She believes in developing a strong work ethic. 
  46. She learns from others who have been at the other end of the political and religious spectrum–Reagan was a former Democrat, Thomas Sowell is a former Marxist, and C.S. Lewis was a former atheist
  47. She’s not afraid to go rogue.
Conservatives4Palin 47 Reasons Governor Palin Is Qualified to Be President  By Whitney Pitcher


(Video) Sarah Palin On Fox News: Obama Is Making Things Much Worse!

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Can We Curb the Spending? Part 1
Feb 9, 2011 - 4:46 - 
Sarah Palin on 'Hannity'

Can We Curb the Spending? Part 2
Feb 9, 2011 - 2:53 - 
Sarah Palin on 'Hannity'


(VIDEO) Palin on FBN: Obama Can 'Pretend,' But Has 'No Desire' to Move to the Center

Tuesday, February 08, 2011 0 Responses

ERIC BOLLING, "FOLLOW THE MONEY" HOST: Well, I recall, I believe it was on the campaign trail when he met a plumber named Joe, who said you know, we need to spread the wealth a little bit. I think that seems pretty far left, no?

SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR/FORMER ALASKA GOVERNOR: It's far left. And Eric, here's the deal, what we need to remember is from henceforth, after hearing that comment he just made, he has no intention, he could maybe pretend, he could kind of fake some of it that he's moving to the center, but no, fundamentally he has no desire to move to the center, he just said that to Bill O'Reilly. He just said, essentially, denied the need to move to the center.


(Video) Sarah Palin Interview w/ CBN's David Brody

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Sarah Palin: Obama’s “3am WH Phone Call (on Egypt) Went Right To The Answering Machine”

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In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Sarah Palin criticized President Obama for his handling of the situation in Egypt saying that this was his, “3am White House phone call” and, “that call went right to the answering machine.” Her answers about Egypt are the first time she’s talked publicly about the situation.
Palin sat down with me Friday evening in Santa Barbara, California after giving the keynote speech at the Reagan 100 Celebration Opening Banquet sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation.
On the situation in Egypt:
Sarah Palin: “Remember, President Reagan lived that mantra trust but verify. We want to be able to trust those who are screaming for democracy there in Egypt, that it is a true sincere desire for freedoms and the challenge that we have though, is how do we verify what it is that we are being told, what it is that the American public are being fed via media, via the protestors, via the government there in Egypt in order for us to really have some sound information to make wise decisions on what our position is.  Trust but verify, and try to understand is what I would hope our leaders are engaged in right now.  Who’s going to fill the void?  Mubarak, he’s gone, one way or the other you know, he is not going to be the leader of Egypt, that that’s a given, so now the information needs to be gathered and understood as to who it will be that fills now the void in the government.  Is it going to be the Muslim Brotherhood?  We should not stand for that, or with that or by that.  Any radical Islamists, no that is not who we should be supporting and standing by, so we need to find out who was behind all of the turmoil and the revolt and the protests so that good decisions can be made in terms of who we will stand by and support.”
On President Obama’s handling of the crisis in Egypt: 
Sarah Palin: “It’s a difficult situation, this is that 3am White House phone call and it seems for many of us trying to get that information from our leader in the White House it it seems that that call went right to um the answering machine. And nobody yet has, no body yet has explained to the American public what they know, and surely they know more than the rest of us know who it is who will be taking the place of Mubarak and I'm not real enthused about what it is that that’s being done on a national level and from DC in regards to understanding all the situation there in Egypt. And in these areas that are so volatile right now because obviously it’s not just Egypt but the other countries too where we are seeing uprisings, we know that now more than ever, we need strength and sound mind there in the White House.  We need to know what it is that America stands for so we know who it is that America will stand with.  And we do not have all that information yet.”
If she runs for President, what might she do differently? 
Sarah Palin: “I would continue on the same course of not really caring what other people say about me or worrying about the things that they make up, but having that thick skin and a steel spine, knowing that what is needed in America are those things that Ronald Reagan did espouse and what he lived and not worrying about what the critics are going to say about me or my family or what it is that I stand for because I do believe, David, that there are more commonsense conservative Americans on our side on the issues that we stand for than there are those who oppose the idea of individualism and God given liberty and opportunity to work hard and to progress according to our own work ethic and our own merits.  I would continue to believe that there are more who are believers in those values than there are not, so I would continue down that same path.”
Does she want to make the mainstream media irrelevant?
On her devotional life?
On her decision not to attend CPAC this year?



(Video) Governor Palin’s Speech at the Reagan 100 Freedom Dinner

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Governor Palin at Reagan's 100th: “Our Time of Choosing…Glory or Shame”

Saturday, February 05, 2011 0 Responses

We face the same problems today as when Ronald Reagan delivered his Time of Choosing speech 47 years ago, Governor Palin said tonight in her keynote address to the Young America’s Foundation Reagan 100 celebration. “This is our time of choosing….how we answer will be our glory or our shame.” In Reagan’s Time of Choosing speech, most often referred to as “The Speech,” he said we faced a choice: socialism or free markets…”the swamp or the stars.”

“When government picks winners and losers, we get stuck with the losers,” Gov. Palin said.
She recounted the ascent of Ronald Reagan. “In 1976, conservatives heard him. In 1980, the nation heard him. In 1984, the world listened.”
Gov. Palin summarized several of the core principles of Reagan Conservatism. She spoke about the need to re-establish ourselves as a creditor and manufacturing nation, not simply a service economy. She emphasized that an “all-of-the-above” approach to domestic energy production is critical to national security and prosperity. She re-affirmed that we should foster a culture that values innocent life, that we are an exceptional nation, and that our military is a force for good in the world.
Following her speech, Gov. Palin graciously stayed for a photo line where each person present was photographed with her.

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Palin Promotoins Gov. Palin “Our Time of Choosing…Glory or Shame” By Ron Devito


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