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PJ Media: Why Sarah Palin May Save America....Has To Be 2012 GOP Ticket!

Friday, July 09, 2010 0 Responses
Politics is the art of the impossible, the last resort of fools, scam artists,  prostitutes of all kinds, low-lifes, crooks, and fanatics. Look at Washington, D.C. It’s pretty damned obvious, right?
Which is why Sarah Palin is so important to America’s well-being now and maybe for decades to come. The fact is that Obama is going to hang around for a long time, even if he gets defeated in 2012 — like Jimmy Carter, another egregious bankrupt of the left who won’t walk off the stage. Jimmy turned out to be quite an evil man after he wiped off that big phony smile. Obama is going to be hanging on like a bad case of mononucleosis for decades to come. He has just signaled his real position in the political world by telling us that corrupt old Harry Reid is “on the right side of history,” in spite of all the nasty stuff he routinely commits. […]
So America will need a headliner to counter Obama’s famous brand of demagogy.  Sarah Palin can do it. […]
But like Ronald Reagan, Palin adds something rare and special to a substantive understanding of life and politics.
The left voted for Obama because he was black and looked cute on TV. Their campaign was pure rock star; there was no substance at all. It might have been Michael Jackson up there and they would have gone gaga just the same.
They think in sociological categories: black (check!), male (check!), cute (check!).
Well, Sarah Palin happens to be an articulate, conservative woman who also looks good on TV, thereby defeating all of the left’s stereotypes at a single glance. Add her eloquence and Reaganesque sense of confidence in her principles, and the left just runs out of the room screaming when she comes on TV. […]
Personally I like Palin for her ideas, but then I’m a policy wonk. The left fears her for her looks, charm, and eloquence. She leaves them sputtering in helpless rage. You can watch it happen. It’s sort of fun if you can handle the sight of real, unvarnished hatred. It’s easier to laugh at it if you keep in mind that she can handle a shotgun.
Sarah Palin is America’s anti-Obama is so many ways, and the libs feel this emotionally long before their brains get into gear. We have a new crop of promising conservative candidates, but we don’t seem to have any other charismatic conservatives today. They tend to come along only once in a generation. […]
What’s the bottom line? She has to be on the GOP national ticket in 2012, because people instinctively recognize her as one of us. She will carry the ticket, whether she is running for veep or president. Either way is fine with me.



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