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Dissecting Gov Palin’s 2012 Candidacy (Palin - Giuliani 2012)

Monday, September 28, 2009 4 Responses
As more and more of the country is realizing Obama is a communist and a monumental disaster, dreams of 2010 and 2012 are vivid and nightly.  Race for 2008 posted its analysis of each candidate on domestic and foreign policy.  I included their analysis on Governor Palin and Mayor Giuliani, since I think they would make a great team. I do not believe he is a RINO, they have similar political styles and they are friends.  You can also check-out their analysis on Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Tom Ridge, Mike Huckabee, Gary Johnson and Ron Paul.   

Foreign Policy
The majority of the 2012 candidates fall in line with the Republican party principles of free trade and first strike defense policy.  Although the flexible response/non-interventionist voice remains loud and active, it continues to be a shrinking philosophy within the party.

Sarah Palin – Has continued to surround herself with the neoconservative intelligentsia and recently outlined her foreign policy axiom in a speech to the investor community in Hong Kong.  Palin has always been a strong proponent of free trade, moving Alaska towards an export driven economy during her term as Governor. Palin has displayed flexibility on the issue of immigration and remains steadfast on the neocon approach to terrorism, the Afghan mission and missile defense.
Rudy Giuliani – The former Mayor of the most diverse city in the world has continued his engagement of the global community through his private sector work in the areas of business and security.  Rudy is a vocal proponent of first strike defense measures and free trade.

Domestic Policy
The party hierarchy and grassroots appear ready to move beyond the era of compassionate conservatism.  The divide in the Republican party has morphed from solely an ideological one (moderate versus conservative) to a battle between the establishment and anti-establishment.  This has made for some strange bedfellows in our party leadership and is reflected in the positioning the 2012 candidates have taken on domestic policy.   

Sarah Palin - Is the most prominent example of the modern conservatism blend of western libertarianism and social conservatism.  Palin opposes activism of any type at the federal level, whether it is economic or judicial policy.  Palin has vocally opposed the expansion of federal powers in the areas of health care, the federal reserve, spending, taxation and environmental regulation.  As Governor, Palin turned a dire fiscal situation into a stable future and became a leading voice on expanding domestic energy development. 
Rudy Giuliani -  In 2008, he campaigned on the providing taxpayers with the largest tax cut in American history.  Rudy received support from many members of the Club for Growth and Wall Street financiers.  Although Rudy committed to nominating federal Judges that would strictly interpret the constitution, his views on abortion, gay rights and federal funding of embryonic stem cell research are moderate to the majority views in the Republican party.  Rudy has a strong record on law and order issues from his two terms as Mayor of New York City. 

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