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I’m happy to endorse John Koster for Washington’s 2nd Congressional District. John is a strong pro-family, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-development fiscal conservative who will work to rein in the excesses of an out of control federal government. He’s just the sort of Constitutional Commonsense Conservative we need in DC.
John’s free market principles are rooted in his real life experience as a business owner of a dairy farm in North Snohomish County. He served his community with integrity and distinction on the Snohomish County Council and in the Washington State House of Representatives. And now he would like to serve in Congress in order to stop the reckless spending before it’s too late. John knows that growing government is not the answer to our economic problems. He wants to return us to a smaller, smarter government that abides by our Constitution and lives within its means.
With a candor and clarity that is so needed in DC, John says: “History and common sense both instruct us that we cannot spend our way out of debt. The most recent bailouts and stimulus packages are a failure. We are courting long term economic devastation and potentially enslaving our children and grandchildren to pay the debt.”
John is running against an incumbent Democrat who is part of the Pelosi/Reid agenda spending away our children’s future. That’s why we need to send John to DC in his place.
Please join me in supporting John. Visit his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter
John joins other good candidates in Washington State, like Clint Didier, who are ready to shake up the status quo and help put us on the right track!
- Sarah Palin
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