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Governor Palin signed House Joint Resolution 28. HJR 28, sponsored by Representative Craig Johnson, advises Øbama & Congress against the adoption of any policy or rule, the passage of any legislation & the issuance of any executive order that would restrict energy exploration, development & production in federal or state waters around Alaska, the portion of the outer continental shelf within 200 miles of shore or within the continental United States.

“Alaska’s oil & gas resources can & should be a major part of the implementation of any creditable energy plan for our nation,” Governor Palin said. “The question is simple: Do we want to increase the production of clean and safe energy in America, with the additional jobs that would create here? Or do we want to remain dependent on foreign countries, some of which don’t have our best interests at heart?”

The Governor also signed House Joint Resolution 12, sponsored by Representative Nancy Dahlstrom, urges Congress to support the ground-based mid-course defense system. Alaska is home to the largest ground-based mid-course defense missile shield in North America. Because of its geographical position & proximity to potential targets, Alaska plays a critical role in national security & in the defense of American allies.

“It is critical that we continue to develop the global missile defense network,” Governor Palin said. “The threat from North Korea is real. Now is not the time to be cutting these programs. Alaska’s strategic location & the system in place play a critical role in defending the nation.”

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