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It is nice to see Sarah Pac advertising on the Drudge Report. Especially since Drudge Report has often been in the top twenty visited sites in the world. In 4 months Sarah Pac brought in just under $800,000 and all of the donations were in small amounts. This is great news because it demonstrates Governor Palin has large grassroots support (unlike Romney).

Since July 3rd, donations have increased 100 fold, in 3 weeks, nearly doubling the the total nearly meeting Romney's $1.6 million. What is most encouraging for Governor Palin & Sarah Pac is the number of supporters more than triples Ronmey's which in the end equals more votes, a much larger base and a huge grassroots campaign already in-place & nationwide.
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2 Response to "Sarah Pac Advertising On Drudge Report"

  1. bestbud Said,

    Sarah, we love you and all you stand for, we have your back and the MSM and haters better beware, we are not going to shut up or sit down, never.... never!

    Posted on July 29, 2009 at 11:46 PM

  2. Tina Said,

    America needs thoughtful, intelligent, well-informed citizens and leaders. Spreading lies, disinformation and cowardly attacks on Americans who do not agree with others ideas is not the democratic way.
    I urge you, Ms. Palin, to open your mind to new ideas that will benefit everyone in America, not just Republicans or right-wing extremists. Step up to the table to discuss and think about the general good of the nation. Resist the urge to follow blind political ambition. Support the public option so that people like myself and my family can get at least the same quality health-care that you would have if you were a member of congress or President.

    Posted on October 29, 2009 at 12:19 PM


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