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2 Response to "Video: Dirty Øbama & Democrats Conspire Against Governor Palin"

  1. the problem child Said,

    Yeah, pretty cowardly video. AK progressive bloggers rock.

    Posted on July 27, 2009 at 10:48 PM

  2. Ephrayim Said,

    My reaction to this video is “interesting”!
    This is smoke – all involved are becoming obscured.
    It is right to rebuke all attempts of attack, but do not make it a battle.
    For example: all negative comments, especially the vulgar and childish responses should just be ignored. I thought of this when observing the profane remarks of the commentaries.
    No matter how offensive they are. Silence is not attackable. If nothing else, simply comment to a friend if there may be a way to help them. To battle in reply is a loser’s stance.
    Sarah is your leader, follow her example. Condemn the policy, the issue, and the path as you see it. You are fighting a battle against EVIL! Ref; Revelations 12:9.
    The government is corrupt! The parties are corrupt! MSM is corrupt and so is the so-called establishment of academia and big business.
    You know who your opposition is, now identify your enemy!
    See Matt. 10:36.
    Sarah is your leader? Then follow her fine example.
    When she resigned her position as governor, she provided a peaceful solution to many problems without insulting or degrading anyone. She sacrificed position, honor, authority and respect for her state, her people and her family to retard the plague, infested by the enemy. She won. And now is being rewarded by the positive increase of comments, poll numbers and the return and correction of lies they must choke down.
    Your zeal and encouragement are needed, but do not tell her what to do. She knows what and how. Suggestions and observations are best and will be appreciated.
    The common people, like myself are not stupid. We see what is going down, but do not have the leadership quality to lead. We will follow a leader of integrity to the end for the benefit of all.
    Oh boy, I’m preaching to the choir. Please forgive.

    Posted on July 28, 2009 at 1:07 AM


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