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Most of us are outraged over the Scots freeing this muslim terrorist and allowing him to go home to a heros welcome. I certainly am. Why would Obama allow this and why would the Europeans do this?

Over the past several decades we have seen Europe becoming more and more a "social democracy," with horrible immigration and welfare policies. The WSJ wrote a very telling piece on the state of Europe, why Europe wants Obama to fail and how they become so weak-kneed:

Europe has been riding on our economic coattails and sheltering under our defense umbrella since the end of World War II nearly 65 years ago. Our markets have been open to European goods, and our strong currency and relative affluence -- the product of our much-maligned free-market economic model -- have provided Europe with a ready buyer. While providing a huge market for Europe's goods, we've also substantially relieved the European powers of the burden of defending themselves. By assuming Europe's defense the U.S. has, in effect, allowed it the luxury of extremely expensive and ultimately unsustainable social-welfarism. They have become left-wing wimps and, to no surprise, freeing a convicted terrorists and mass murderer to appease whom ever fits right in.

The bests lesson is history. All we have to do is look back a few decades to a very similar situation or to a time when we did NOT have a coward in the White House:

Back in 1985, President Reagan sent 2 US Navy F-14 Tomcats from the USS Saratoga to intercepted the Egyptian 737 carrying the terrorists responsible for the Achille Lauro hijacking.

The Achille Lauro Incident began on October 7th, when Palestinian terrorists took control of the Italian cruise ship. There were over 400 passengers and crew aboard of various nationalities. The hijackers immediately demanded the release of fifty members of Palestinian Liberation Front who were being held in Israeli prisons. The Israelis refused.

During this time the terrorists had executed an American while onboard the Achille Lauro. The man was named Leon Klinghoffer, and he was confined to a wheelchair. On October 10th, the Egyptian government granted the hijackers passage on an EgyptAir 737 charter plane bound for Tunis. Meanwhile, President Reagan was aboard Air Force One when word arrived that the terrorists would soon be arriving in North Africa. He ordered the USS Saratoga and her air wing, then patrolling the Adriatic Sea, to find the EgyptAir flight and force it to land at Sigonella, Sicily.

How would Obama respond? He would do absolutely nothing. Obama can be defined in one sentence: You can please some of the people some of the time but non of the people all of time. He has absolutely no backbone.

I have little doubt Palin or McCain would have reacted in a similar fashion like Reagan. Unlike Obama, Palin actually has principles, loves America and has documented executive experience dealing with emergencies and making tuff decisions. Palin also has a great appreciation and love of our soldiers and military. Which should be a prerequisite for being Commander-In-Chief. She understands the responsibility that come with America being in-charge and the only world power. Obama, on the other hand, resents America much like many European or South American elitist politicians who sees the power and dominance of America with anger and jealousy. His world apology tour and his surrender to the no longer “War on Terror” has made this very clear.

Reagan sent in the F-14 because one America was killed and Obama does nothing when a terrorist that killed 189 Americans is freed!! More and more Americans and the world are seeing Obama, much like Carter or Chamberlain, as pathetic and a pushover. A One-term failed experiment that most now hope is over sooner then later.

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