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Palin Wins One For The Gipper

Monday, August 24, 2009

Patrick S. Adams, from his Blog, posted a very piece putting liberals in there place and describing how Ronald Reagan would be very proud:

If it had been written from the Governor's desk, an ethics violation would have been filed because she used her office to advance her national agenda. If it had been said during a Katie Couric interview, it would have been another "I can see Russia from my house" joke. If it had been said at a campaign rally, it would have been glossed over or not reported. But because she said it from her Facebook page, bypassing all of the processes described above, it resonated and it resonated loudly. In using the quotationed words "death panel," Sarah Palin not only "won one for the good guys" as Seah Hannity so eloquently complimented her, she won one for the Gipper as well, and turned the tide on the media loving Obama-ites in the process.

Ronald Reagan must be looking down from Heaven with a smile holding the LP record he recorded in early 1961 on Socialized Medicine. That was the first time the "death panel maneuver" was used to circumvent the press and go directly to the people on the issue of health care reform. Sarah Palin knows Ronald Reagan. She carries his presence and his philosophy in her servant's heart. And the liberals hate it.

Before the mainstream media had a chance to rebut the "death panel" statement, Sarah Palin's Facebook page note was rocketing across the Internet, being linked to every computer in America via Twitter, and Suddenly, conservative columnists, radio show hosts and TV show hosts were all over it before CNN, the Washington Post and MSNBC could have it fact checked incorrectly without the use of the quotation marks.

Sarah Palin has defeated the Kobayashi Maru of politics. She resigned the office of Governor to "affect positive change.” So far, it's working.

"When the leader of the free world is complaining about a posting on the former governor of Alaska’s Facebook page, he’s got problems," Chris Stirewalt writes in The Washington Examiner piece "The Thrill is Gone for Obama and the Media."

Is there schadenfreude in knowing that the same media that short circuited Palin's vice presidential run is now the same media that is frustrated by the people not getting their message on health care reform? Or is just that the people aren't listening to the mainstream media anymore?

Howard Kurtz complains in The Washington Post that despite all the media coverage, the Obama position is not winning:

  • Perhaps journalists are no more trusted than politicians these days, or many folks never saw the knockdown stories. But this was a stunning illustration of the traditional media's impotence.

  • Still, it was a stretch for White House officials, who have a huge megaphone, to blame media coverage for the sinking popularity of health reform. It was equally odd for Gibbs to tell reporters that stories about Obama backing away from a government-run health plan were "entirely contrived by you guys" -- this after Gibbs and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had said on Sunday morning shows that such a plan was not an essential part of Obama's proposal.

  • For all the sound and fury, news organizations have labored to explain the intricacies of the competing blueprints. "NBC Nightly News" ran a piece examining how Obama's public health-insurance option would work. ABC's "World News " did a fact check on the end-of-life provision in the bill. "CBS Evening News" highlighted problems with the current system by interviewing some of the 1,500 people waiting at a free makeshift clinic in Los Angeles. Time ran a cover story on health care, titled "Paging Dr. Obama." And major newspapers have been filled with articles examining the nitty-gritty details. Those who say the media haven't dug into the details aren't looking very hard.
  • But the healthy dose of coverage has largely failed to dispel many of the half-truths and exaggerations surrounding the debate. Even so, news organizations were slow to diagnose the depth of public unease about the unwieldy legislation. For the moment, the story, like the process itself, remains a muddle.

No, Mr. Kurtz, the American people understand the story. There is no muddle about popular opposition to the measure. The only muddle is in the brains of elitists and the mainstream media who get thrills up their legs when Obama speaks.

The key to a Republican comeback lies in the moment that the American people realize the media has been lying to them. That moment may have just arrived as citizens across the country read the health care bill and tweet links to its harshest provisions. The American people are doing just what Sarah Palin is doing. They are bypassing the media and communicating with each other via social networks.

The opposition to Obamacare is found in a grassroots that is now growing into a full blown natural turf lawn. Those in the media and the Obama Administration want to "cut that lawn." They mistook it for Astroturf. But Astroturf can't grow beyond its artificial capacity. Natural turf will overtake the land if its not "kept under control."

Our nation's founders would call this patch of grass "We the People."

The mainstream media and the propaganda arm of the Obama Administration have just met their death panel: the American people.

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