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The world’s intelligence agencies and defense experts are quietly acknowledging that North Korea has become a fully fledged nuclear power with the capacity to wipe out entire cities in Japan, South Korea and possible California and Alaska, the Times of London reported.
The new reality has emerged in off-hand remarks and in single sentences buried in lengthy reports. Increasing numbers of authoritative experts — from the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to the U.S. Defense Secretary — are admitting that North Korea has miniaturized nuclear warheads to the extent that they can be launched on medium-range missiles, according to intelligence briefings.

What is most alarming is Øbama is cutting missile defense programs across the board. He is attempting to de-fang the US while countries like China, Russia and North Korea have doubled there defense spending and are looking to increase it further.
The Governor is firmly against Øbams’ proposed $1.4 billion reduction of the Missile Defense Agency. Alaska's strategic location allows for maximum security (from N. Korea) and is the only location of development of the our only ground-based missile defense complex. Governor Palin has had the foresight unlike Øbama:
“Our early opposition to reduced funding for the Missile Defense Agency is proving to be well-founded during this turbulent time,” Governor Palin said. “I continue to support the development and implementation of a defensive missile shield based in Alaska. We are strategically placed to defend the critical assets of the United States and our allies in the Pacific Theater.”,2933,517698,00.html
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