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Supporters of Sarah Palin will announce the creation of a legal-defense fund to help her pay old legal bills against a rash of ethics complaints, most of them frivolous and suspicious. Sarah Palin has mounted over a half a million dollars in personal legal debts

The Wall Street Journal has the story, including this quote from Kristin Cole, a Wasilla real estate agent and friend of the Governor's: "The purpose is really to provide a legal and proper way for the governor's supporters to help her respond to these frivolous complaints that have been leveled, keeping her from being able to do her job and...really harassing her.

Donations will be capped at $150, according to materials describing the fund, and no contributions will be accepted from corporations, state contractors, state or federal lobbyists, lobbying firms or foreign nationals.

Palin backers also said all names of donors, dates and contribution amounts will be made public. Supporters say the governor wanted the fund to be more restrictive and transparent than other legal-defense funds.

There have been 11 ethics complaints filed against Governor Palin this year and all have been frivolous and thrown out by the courts. The latest legal challenge came Wednesday. Each complaint suspiciously filed by and backed by Øbama supporters.
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1 Response to "Governor Palin Supporters Launch "Official" Legal Defense Fund"

  1. Greg Said,

    I hope that she can announce within two weeks that all $500,000 has been raised. All it would bake is about 8,000 people donating on average about $65. I donated $150 as soon as the site went up yesterday morning. I know several others who did likewise. If it takes a long time for her to take in that much, the MSM will run story after story about how even those who say they support her aren't confident enough to donate their money. The MSM will say the same thing about SarahPAC unless it is wildly, eye popping, jaw dropping successful.

    Posted on April 25, 2009 at 1:33 PM


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