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Governor Sarah Palin's speech to the Vanderburgh Right To Life fundraising banquet in Evansville, Indiana reminded many of us why she was chosen to run for Vice President in 2008 and why many, including myself, hope to see her run for President in 2012 or 2016.
Governor Palin's delivery of this speech was heartfelt and real. It was authentic in a way that no other politician of this current time can match. Sarah Palin represents the real deal. A real person seeking to better her state and her nation. A servant-leader in the true Christian definition. She doesn't seek power for power's sake. She isn't obsessed with herself. She isn't fork-tongued. She doesn't go out of her way to alienate her friends in some lame attempt to win favor with the media. She actually seems to like America. She is who she is and that's enough.
Ronald Reagan was what the Obama concubine media would call a "right wing extremist" and would be said to be "unelectable" for that reason. In fact, bumbling and squishy moderate Gerald Ford made that very claim regarding Reagan. Many doubted that such a hardcore conservative could be elected. After all, didn't Goldwater lose in a landslide?
Sarah Palin represents just the positive, genuine and humble messenger for a new Reagan revolution. Her sunny optimism and cheery wit will bring morning again to America after this long national nightmare that is the Obama administration.
The speech in Evansville was just a glimmer as to the power of Palin's delivery. Oh, and she didn't even use a Tele-Prompter.
Keep your eye on our lady from the north. That girl is going places!

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