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The Sarah Palin Binge

Sunday, November 08, 2009
Patrick S. Adams of  Patrick’s World. wrote a very insightful piece on The Palin Twibe Blog: The Sarah Palin Binge. I posted part of the article.
When Sarah Palin left the governorship of Alaska at the end of July, her supporters stood strong and tall. Websites devoted to the former governor continued springing up across the web with the same vigor as they had before her resignation and since her selection as vice presidential candidate. Membership in pro-Sarah websites grew instead of contracting as most typical thinkers would have thought. But the termination of her Twitter account timed simultaneously with a self-imposed exile so she could write her book and “bone up” on the issues left her fans somewhat hungry.

Like addicts “jonesing” for a fix, Sarah supporters were doing radio broadcasts and writing blogs just so they could talk about her and keep the positive flame alive in an environment where left wing bloggers and the mainstream media were doing everything they could to finally put her to rest. Now, Sarah Palin is coming back to bookstores and TV screens across the nation and her fans are about to binge.


I was too young to watch what Ronald Reagan did before he became president. So I hit the computer and researched the hell out of the pre-presidential days of Reagan. I also bought “Rendezvous With Destiny.”

I realized that what I was seeing with Sarah was the “political childhood” I had missed with Reagan. Reagan became the man for me a half hour after he was inaugurated, not in 1964 or 1976. Sarah Palin became “the woman” for me the night she gave her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

I got to see Sarah Palin’s governorship. I got to see her exile. I got to see the part that I missed with Reagan.

If Sarah Palin could draw 60,000 people to a rally, electrify the Republican base the way she did and develop such a strong devout following all in the matter of a few months, can you imagine what she could do in the matter of a few years?

It’s mind boggling.


Sarah Palin was an accomplished governor and mayor when she was selected as the VP candidate in 2008. She had focused all of her efforts on governing Alaska. She knew every nook and cranny of energy policy and how the oil and gas business worked. Did she know who the president of Khazakstan was? Probably not. When asked about the bailouts, she told a reporter she would have to get more specific information on how the Fed wanted to do them but knew to say that in general she doesn’t favor bailouts.

Sarah Palin did not spend the years leading up to her nomination as vice presidential candidate studying Federal Reserve banking policy. She was too busy putting together ACES and AGIA. The Bush Doctrine meant nothing to her, not because she wasn’t intellectually curious, but because she was a citizen politician learning the nuts and bolts of how to be a great leader. Learning the Bush Doctrine was not going to put any money into her pocket; being a strong leader for Alaska was, and as such, that got the priority.

Handlers say that Sarah Palin was such a fast learner that they soon got over the fear they had about her going up against a political veteran like Joe Biden. There was the impression that Sarah Palin could cram more information in an hour than most could cram in a week.

Now consider this. Since July it’s been what 3 months? Sarah Palin has done more preparation for being president than she’s ever done in her life. Sarah basically did the work equivalent of earning a PHD in political science during the last three months. And she wrote a book doing it.

There are going to be a lot of people who are going to be not only surprised, but shocked at the politically mature and ridiculously charismatic Sarah Palin we are going to see in just a few short days.

Buckle up and strap yourself in folks. The Sarah Palin we are going to see is going to blow our minds. Tina Fey is going to have to totally re-do her act if she wants to satirize the new Sarah Palin.

Already, word on the street is that she looks great, is no longer looking too thin and has that twinkle in her eye again. They even (Beehive is going to love this) say her hair has gotten longer and fuller!

Sarah Palin supporters are about to get more Sarah than they can possibly handle. It’s going to make liberals sicker than dogs, but it’s going to be binge time for Sarah Palin fans.

Ladies and gentleman, you are about to see what happens to a snapshot in time when she becomes an evolving candidate. You are about to see what happens to an electrifier when she becomes a behemoth.

Patrick S. Adams publishes the website Patrick’s World. He is also a contributor to the Palin Twibe Blog.

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