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2012 Draft Sarah Committee Newsletter Sept 09

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Chairman's Corner - Randy Highsmith

In a recent email I was asked why we were not organizing by Congressional District. That is an excellent question and the answer is, we are, eventually. At this point what we want to do, is to have ACTIVEorganizers in every state, most colleges and the large population centers of each state. From that point, we will be recruiting Congressional District Organizers. On a related note, we continue to grow our list of newsletter subscribers, volunteers and organizers, but we are not satisfied with just growing our list. We seek to impact the process by making a strong showing at next year's CPAC Conference and help Sarah win the straw poll. In this year's straw poll Governor Palin tied for third, one point behind 2nd place winner Bobby Jindal and 7 points behind the winner Mitt Romney. If we are going to make a strong showing and help Governor Palin win in 2012 we must start at the 2010 CPAC Convention by lobbying and educating the attendees on why they should support Sarah.

Sometimes I am asked why aren't you (the Committee) doing this or that or why didn't you do this or that faster. I have to remind everyone that none of your Board of Directors, organizers or anyone else involved with running this committee is paid. Most of us have full times jobs, and a family to take care of so we have to balance this cause we believe so much in with the rest of our lives. In fact all your Board of Directors has not only put in time for this cause but financial contributions as well. If we don't, how can we ask for your time and support? Don't get me wrong, we welcome your thoughts, constructive criticism and suggestions, but are limited on what we can choose to undertake.

I want to mention that an excellent place to get up to date, accurate information about Sarah is from her official Facebook page. Her page is; Any other page that claims to be her or represent her is fraudulent. At the bottom of this newsletter you will find a link to our Facbook page, our Myspace, YouTube and our Twitter page. Please join us on all those networks if you have an account.

ATTENTION MEDIA and those with, media contacts. Our Media Director/Spokesperson Adrienne Ross is available for National and Local interviews. She is ready and willing to share the purpose and vision of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. Speaking of Adrienne, in July she had the opportunity to spend a month in the great state of Alaska. Further down in this newsletter, she shares her experience.

FoxInterviewFairbanks.jpg image by starsounds Adrienne being interview by Fox News at the Governor's Picnic.

A year later...

Below are two video links that are a reminder of WHY we are urging Sarah to run for President in 2012 and why we need your support. You can help by signing up as a volunteer at our website, make a financial contribution, buy a bumper sticker, button or t-shirt to show your support for Sarah and the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. Reminder all contributions of $25.00 or more will get free book. Click HERE for details. Click HERE for even more thank you gifts for $50.00 and $100.00 contributions. If you donate $250.00 or more you will receive the book, bumper stickers, buttons AND one of our new 2012 Draft Sarah shirts.

  • August 29, 2008 - America: Meet Sarah Palin - Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, speaks at a GOP rally in Dayton, Ohio following her introduction by John McCain as his pick for vice president.

2012 Draft Sarah Committee T-Shirt Offer

Show your support for Sarah and the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee by purchasing our new T-Shirts. This shirt is sure to drive your liberal friends crazy!

Below is the official 2012 Draft Sarah Committee T-Shirt. The main (top) graphic is owned by Bridge-Logos Foundation and is used by their permission. Be one of the first to get this shirt at $19.75 plus S&H. When you purchase 2 to 10 shirts the price is $19.00 per shirt plus S&H. S&H ranges from $5.25 to $11.50 depending on quantity. For quantities of 11 shirts or more please email Randy for the shipping cost and even better unit prices.

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  • A note to those who purchased shirts already, we are supposed to pick them up from the printer Wednesday September 2nd and will begin shipping shortly thereafter.

Organizer Spotlight - David Kelly

Board Member David Kelly Treasurer State of Colorado Organizer

David Kelly is the co-founders of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. David was born in sleepy Hermosa Beach, CA in 1959. Before he could walk he was back in his family’s home town of Colorado Springs, CO. He moved with his family back and forth between Colorado and California until he finally settled in Colorado Springs in 1990. He loves the Rocky Mountain West. Heavily involved in politics since he was old enough to talk, David is a life long Conservative who advocates for Liberty, Freedom and Conservative Values. David has been a delegate to the El Paso County, Colorado State and CO 5th US Congressional Conventions. He ran for a D-20 school board seat in 2007 in hopes of bringing educational excellence to his community without the agenda of the liberal school unions. David co-founded 2012 Draft Sarah Committee in mid-November 2008 and is the Treasurer of this federally registered committee. His main goal is to see Gov. Sarah Palin win the presidential election in 2012. David has been married for 28 years and has two children; a son at Berea College in KY and a daughter in middle school. David is a “Ben Franklin” when it comes to his employment. He has been in the printing trade since 1976, presently working as the Print Resource Manager for the Pikes Peak Library District. David is a family historian and about as close as you can get to being a certified genealogist. He loves to write and is learning to play the bagpipes.

David is a member of Team Sarah, and you can find David on Facebook as well.

2012 Draft Sarah Committee Organizer Spends a Month in Alaska

By Adrienne Ross

New York State Organizer Media Director -

Some people dream of traveling to Alaska for a week, maybe two. When that dream becomes a reality, they realize that the experience is not one they will soon forget. So imagine my delight at spending an entire month in God’s Country, as Alaska is affectionately called by those who live there—and now me.

During my time in Alaska, I spent time in several parts of the state: Fairbanks, Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage, Homer, Seward, Valdez, McCarthy, and North Pole. Most of my trip was spent in Wasilla, Sarah Palin’s own hometown, and I understand why she speaks so highly of “home,” for Wasilla was definitely a place that felt like home. Residents were definitely some of the friendliest, most welcoming people I have ever met, and I never felt like an outsider looking in. Wasilla, to me, represents all that is good in America—as does Sarah Palin.

So was my month there a pleasure trip or was there 2012 Draft Sarah Committee business to attend to? Yes and yes! There’s no such thing as a trip to Alaska without pleasure involved, and had Sarah Palin never come on the national scene, it is likely that I would never have gone to Alaska, but now, I can’t wait to return. I live in a part of New York that is nothing to sneeze at. It certainly has beauty of its own, but it can’t compare to the mountains, the glaciers, and the wildlife of Alaska. If I said, “Wow!” once, I said it a hundred times as I simply looked around me. “Wow” was all I could muster, but it still doesn’t do Alaska justice.

Barely 36 hours after arriving in Alaska, Sarah announced she would be stepping down as governor. What a shock, what a historic time to be in Alaska, and what a wide range of emotions for me!

The next day, July 4th, I marched in the Wasilla parade with the Valley Republican Women’s Club of Alaska. There, I met some of the governor’s family and friends as we marched alongside one another in the parade. Sarah’s friend, Ivy, introduced me to many, and a special joy was meeting Sarah’s daughter, Piper, and Mr. and Mrs. Heath, Sarah’s parents. I had the greatest time joking around with Mr. Heath. As a teacher and basketball enthusiast, I enjoyed challenging him—a former teacher and coach himself—to a game of one on one. He said, “How old are you?” When I answered him, he said, “You’re going to take advantage of me!”

I received unique joy after the parade when I got to turn aside to Governor Palin’s mom and dad to tell them I believe God has a beautiful plan for their daughter’s life and encouraged them in that truth. If Chuck Heath’s calling card is his sense of humor, Sally Heath’s is her sweetness. From the moment I saw her, I understood why Sarah ignites crowds. She has her mother’s spirit, for sure.

Little did I know that before the month was over I would meet Bristol and Tripp, once again meet Willow, and meet little Trig for the first time. As Trig has touched my heart in the most special of ways, it was all I could do not to smother him in a big hug. I did take his hand in mine, however.

The timing of my trip afforded the perfect opportunity for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee to get our message out. Everyone wanted to know, “What’s next for Sarah Palin?” As the Media Director/Spokesperson, I was interviewed nine times in July. Among these were an interview for The New Yorker, three interviews on the Eddie Burke Radio Show, and a television interview with Fox News on July 26th, the day Governor Palin turned the reins over to Sean Parnell at the Fairbanks Governor’s Picnic. It was a privilege to share the goal of the Committee, which is to do the grassroots work necessary to help Sarah Palin win the 2012 presidential nomination. Additionally, it was an honor to speak up for the values that Sarah Palin represents, values like fiscal responsibility, energy independence, the sanctity of life, and support of our military. It was especially satisfying to tell the world that Sarah Palin’s support has not diminished at all. On the contrary; it has exploded. And while I enjoyed the opportunity to speak for the Committee, the hard work there is being done on a regular basis by April Moore and Lynette Bergh who are the Organizers leading the charge there in Alaska.

The month went by much too fast, the climax of which was the honor of meeting Sarah Palin again. I spent a little time with her and Todd over the course of a weekend in Auburn, NY, when she was there to celebrate Founder’s Day in June. Seeing and speaking to the Palins again in their home state of Alaska was a great joy. I have always known that Sarah Palin is the real deal—a woman who adores her family, a public servant who has selflessly sacrificed for her state and nation, and a person of great faith and integrity. Spending even a little time in her presence only drives that truth home all the more.

The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee continues to be fired up by what Sarah Palin represents for America. Trips like this one to Alaska only turn up the heat! I was so blessed to have this opportunity. It’s something I will cherish for a lifetime, yet I am convinced “the best is yet to come.”

LynetteAprilMeatDennys.jpg image by starsounds

Adrienne (middle) with our AK state Organizer April Moore (left) and Lynette Bergh (right) our Fairbanks AK Organizer.

SarahIShakeHandsinWasilla.jpg image by starsounds

Adrienne shaking hands with Sarah at one of the Governor's Picnics.

To read more about Adrienne’s trip to Alaska, log on to her blog at, go to the archives section on the bottom of the right sidebar, and click on July.


Our goal is to have an organizer in every state and all the larger cities in each state. After that goal is met we want to have an organizer in every precinct. Email your state organizer and copy your email to our chairman, Randy Highsmith at, to see how you can help progress this cause.

All Contributors making a $25.00 or more contribution will receive the book,
Sarah Palin: Faith, Family, Country by Susan Parr

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