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A very interested article by D.K. Jamaal, of The Progressive Examiner, tells us like it is. The left continues, not only underestimate Governor Palin, but to discredit her at every opportunity while losing every single debate.

It’s not even 2012, and Sarah Palin, the “lightweight” Caribou Barbie stupid dumb right-wing inexperienced unqualified unaccomplished religious wacko birther enabling nut that came from Wasilla, has already defeated President Obama.

CLICK HERE to see SLIDESHOW of the Palinator! She has trounced Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. She has trumped MoveOn, ACORN, and Obama’s mass army of volunteers at Organizing for America. She has out-demagogued the three stooges of MSNBC Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow. Oh, and she did it with Facebook notes. Read that again: she did it with Facebooknotes. The notion that Obamacare would include panels making end-of-life decisions for Americans had floated unnoticed in the ether for months, before Palin’s Facebook note dated August 7, 2009 – ominously warning of “Obama’s death panel” stocked with “evil” government “bureaucrats” who would deny care to the “sick, elderly, and disabled.”

Now, let’s keep in mind that Mrs. Palin is (should be?) little more than a celebrity curio at this point. She holds no elected office. She is not a party official, nor the head of any chartered political organization. She is not a Fortune 500 businesswoman, not a powerful member of the prognosticating pundit class, not a cited academic authority.

She is a private citizen. But, oh, what a private citizen! How should those who disagreed with this private citizen’s assessment of the health care debate have responded to her allegations? Simple.

They should have ignored her, as they would do any one they really considered a rubewith no credibility and no power. But many Obama supporters aren’t that intelligent, and the ones who are know Sarah Palin is nobody's village idiot. That's why they -- stupidly -- tried to silence her so viciously. Oops.

Palin-the-puppetmaster uttered “death panel” and the left-wing, right on cue, went running after the thrown bone, tails wagging and tongues slobbering in hyperventilation. The self-defeating inability of Democrats to ignore the Palinator magnified the “death panel” claim.

They kept Palin squarely in the mainstream, made “death panels” the talk of the town. And by the time you hear something enough it becomes true. Seniors were scared. Independents were worried. And the debate was completely hijacked. Palin distracted health care progressives at a time when we should have been explicating an optional government plan to compete with predatory private insurance companies as the pragmatic alternative to socialist single-payer and the laissez faire rapaciousness preferred by Wall Street-Washington oligarchs. Democratic talking head Paul Begala got a lot of press by summing Palin up as a "whack job" and a “lightweight.

In the meantime, Palin kept releasing healthcare killing Facebook notes – spreading conservative anti-Obamacare articles (August 8 and 9), doubling-down on death panels (August 12), accusing reformists of wanting to ration health care (August 13), and pushing tort reform (August 21).

As the arguments gained traction, and as Obamacrats continued bending to the big pharamaceutical lobby in compromising away real reform, liberals – instead of pushing back with relentless, focused talking points for price controls, public options, and mandates – frothed at the mouth, launched sexist attacks against Palin, and denigrated town hall protestors.

The result of all this? Counseling is out of the proposals – just like Sarah Palin the Lightweight of Wasilla wanted. And as an added bonus, the neglected public option is now off the table, with the President unwilling to fight for it. Government ability to bargain for lower drug prices? Denied. Consumer ability to buy cheaper drugs from other countries? Gone. A universal mandate? Obama wouldn't even support that in the primaries. So that’s all folks. There goes real health care reform. I wish I, a private citizen,could write some Facebook notes and get the kind of health care bill I wanted.It is, as put it, “truly, truly remarkable.”

If Palin can manage to throw Obama off message with Facebook, I shudder to think what Palin can accomplish with the entire right-of-center electoral apparatus behind her at the top of a national ticket. When the Democratic Congress finally passes its Palinized, Obamagutted health care non-reform bill with nothing in it resembling cost control, competition, or anything remotely progressive, the epitaph should read: “Here lies health care reform: killed by Facebook, buried by Obama.” By Facebook. By Sarah Palin’s Facebook notes.

You don't have to agree with Palin's policies to be wowed by this -- or to get a kick out of seeing the misogynist, working class-hating East Coast manchild geeks get their butts handed to them by this PTA mom. This is populism at its most stunning. Whack job? Depends on your politics.

But lightweight? Ha! Whatever you say, Begala. See you in 2012, private citizen Palin. Do your thang, babe. Lightweight your way right to the Oval Office.


For more info: 1) CLICK HERE to read about Obama's final health care reform betrayal. Then 2) CLICK HERE to read about why the witch hunt against the CIA will ruin everything.

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