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With all do respect, Governor Palin’s point is rather simple: Why are we investing in and contracting with more foreign corporations & countries to provide energy for the US? The real reason is Øbama is the worst type of hypocrite which makes him dangerous and very anti-American.

On-the-one-hand, he thinks he is attempting to appease the crazy environmentalists while supplying the US with more of its energy needs. 1st, with out a doubt the Brazilians will do more harm to the environment than any US corporation. 2nd, states like CA, ND, AK and others have large untapped oil reserves and with the CA’s & US deficit crisis we are investing in Brazil and Brazilian corporations for energy? Once again Øbama is spending tax payers money with absolutely no regard for the future as all good liberals do.

As we all are aware, Drilling at home creates thousands of jobs, we become less dependent on foreign sources of energy & safer and US dollars and revenue stay in the US. As anyone with common sense knows the point was to drill at home. So once again, Governor Palin is 100% correct.

Here we have 2 Bank spokesman, Phil Cogan and an unnamed administrator, speaking to Politico:

The bank does not rely on tax money and that Palin's statement ignores the bank's central function: To lend money to foreign companies for the purchase of American goods and services. Governor Palin’s comments were primarily targeting Øbama & cronies and than this tax-funded US corporation.

"It has to be produced by U.S. workers," Cogan said. Palin's statement refers to "creating jobs and health benefits in the U.S." "That's exactly what a purchase financed by the U.S. government would do," Cogan said. “The loan would likely finance engineering services, sales of ships to service oil platforms, or drilling equipment. This is the government doing what it's supposed to do: Create jobs and make sure that Americans get a fair shot at selling goods and services — not the British or the French or anyone else — and to help American workers compete on a level playing field"

The unnamed administration official had this to say: "This is like her and her death panels. “This is one more example of, 'Let's take a situation with a kernel of truth and blow it up and not let the facts ruin a good story.”

The answer is drill at home dummy and, next time please have someone read Governor Palin’s editorial to you. I also thought he had a great Barney Franks response.

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