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Rush: Don't worry kid, I have your back!
RUSH:  I want to give you a chance to comment on something.  There are stories going around that do not quote you -- that quote "associates" or "friends" -- saying that you are telling them that Sarah Palin was a bad choice by Senator McCain to be vice president --
RUSH:  -- and that she --
PRESIDENT BUSH: I have never said that, of course, nor have I read about it.  You know, I'm not gonna comment on anybody who might be running for president.  But that's what happens in today's world, the blogosphere. You know, people get to hide behind some codename or something. They toss out a gossip or rumor and it floats around the Internet.  I never said that, never would have said that.
RUSH:  What do you want people to know about you and your presidency that they don't know?  What's in this book that you think will surprise people?
PRESIDENT BUSH: Oh, gosh. I think it will surprise people that I deliberated long and hard about a lot of issues, that I weighed different people's opinions, that I was very deliberate when it came time to commit our troops.  I tried to give diplomacy a chance.  I think people will learn that I've got a decent sense of humor, and I hope they already know that I've got a set of values I wouldn't trade out for politics; and I hope they know that I was honored to serve our country, that I really love America, and to be the president of a country you love is a huge honor.
RUSH:  Privatizing Social Security. I meant to ask this when you mentioned it earlier. This is one of your hallmarks of your second term. You tried to get this done. It's always been said to be "the third rail." Even today with your book coming out the Democrats are attacking you on this.  You didn't want to reform the whole thing. You just wanted to get people a stake in it.
PRESIDENT BUSH: Yeah, I... That's a codeword, "privatization."  That's obviously a poll-tested word.  And so all I said was younger workers ought to have a chance to set aside some of their money in an account that earns a better rate of return than their money in the Social Security trust fund.  Why I thought that's important is, one, it's voluntary. Secondly, it will give a waitress in a restaurant a chance to own an asset, an asset that he or she could pass on -- or she, in this case, can pass on -- to her family.  There are a lot of people in our society who have no assets, and I felt like this would be a substantive reform that would be positive.  And of course, you know, by having a defined contribution plan as opposed to a defined benefit plan, you're taking power away from people in Washington, and that created a lot of angst. One of these days people will reform Social Security, and I was pleased to lay out a solution.
RUSH:  Former President Bush, it's great to have you on the program. It always is.  Good luck with the book.  You have a busy couple of months ahead of you with this, taking you through the Christmas season with it, and I thank you for your time here.  It's always a pleasure to have you with us.
PRESIDENT BUSH: Rush, thank you very much, sir.  I appreciate your time.
RUSH:  You bet.  Former President Bush is on the phone with us from Texas, and he does say that countless people miss him.  Which we knew would be the case.  Thanks again for your time, sir.  


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