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The Politico posted a lovely piece: White House talking points blast Palin. I feel this post sums up Obama’s frustrations with Governor Palin.

OUR White House cannot resist but to focus on Governor Palin and make her the center of opposition. Sounds like communist methodology. You have to give credit to The Governor when she speaks we all listen. Although I will not be listening to the speech tonight

Here's that section dedicated to The Governor:

On Gov. Palin's Attacks

Every non-partisan organization that has looked at her claims say they are false. And the ideas in her op-ed are both scary and risky. Eliminating Medicare and giving our seniors vouchers instead is a bad idea that we shouldn't adopt.

The fact that Obama needs to respond tells me Sarah Palin WINS again!

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3 Response to "Obama Scared Of Sarah Palin? Tonight's speech includes The Governor!"

  1. Mike Said,

    There is already a test run of the Medicare voucher idea. It is called Medicare Advantage. Already 1/5 Medicare enrollees have chosen it, even though it has been available only a few years. Some of the plans are offered by United, Cigna, Healthnet and many others.

    Medicare Advantage allows a Medicare client to direct his premium to a private plan. The private plans offer coverage benefits not available under vanilla Medicare. And, they do this without any subsidy; the only income to them is the premium actually paid by the Medicare client.

    Obama plans to discontinue this great program. No doubt he doesn't like it because it demonstrates that the market offers better solutions than the state.

    Posted on September 9, 2009 at 7:09 PM

  2. William Said,

    I agree Flo, Obama spins, Sarah wins. I only wish she could have been in the gallery looking on. w

    Posted on September 9, 2009 at 10:43 PM

  3. Herb Said,

    Obama again shows that even though Governor Palin is out of Politics but she still scares him.LOL He knows that the next turn around 2012 Sarah Palin will be ready for him and his dirty tricks. I believe with all my heart Sarah Palin is what Washington needs. Washington is no place for corruption.
    I don't believe Obama said much of anything different except what we already knew. He brought up a few new things but just skimmed the surface. What makes no sense is you are going to have alol those extra with Healthcare and it is not going to make the deficit rise. It is impossible. Even if you used creative math you still can't make it not rise the deficit. Useless he is planning all the taxes they are going to recieve. We need to stop the Cap and Trade It is a farc nothing to do with global warming that Al Gore sold congress. More scientist have proved it wrong. Please look it up. It is just a gimic for them to collect taxes. Are electric bills will triple the president even said so.

    Posted on September 9, 2009 at 11:43 PM


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