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C Cartaginess of commented on nutty Chris Matthews fixation with Governor Palin.

Although presented subtly, Chris Matthews treated us to another anti-Sarah Palin, anti-Second Amendment exclusive, via the “Sideshow” video blog segment of his program Hardball last evening. What caught Matthews’ ire this time was that Palin had received an award from the NRA (National Rifle Association) for gun collecting, as well as accolades for her strong support of a citizen’s right to bear arms under the Constitution.

It was only last month, Matthews reminds us, that Palin made the following “rallying cry” during her farewell speech as Governor of Alaska, which launched the opening salvo of her pro-gun “crusade”

"You are going to see anti-hunting, anti-Second Amendment circuses from Hollywood. Stand strong and remind them that Patriots will protect our individual, guaranteed right to bear arms; and by the way, Hollywood needs to know: we eat, therefore, we hunt"

Palin received her award at an NRA event in Alaska this past weekend, thereby taking the next step in her pro-gun crusade, according to Matthews. Quoting from the NRA website, Matthews sneered contemptuously while telling his viewers how Palin “was presented with the NRA’s Gold Medal Award of Merit for the Promotion of Gun Collecting. It’s an award that has only been bestowed twice in the last decade. It’s a bad day for moose.”

It may or may not be a bad day for moose, but Matthews is certainly nervous about something.

Could it be that he is worried that it may also be a bad day for Barack Obama and those Democrats who want to restrict access to guns?

Could it be that the root cause of Matthews’ nervousness is an acute awareness of Palin’s genuine connection with the average American, whose views are in line with hers when it comes to the Second Amendment?

Could it be that Chris Matthews — who last year, while covering the presidential race, proudly proclaimed in a spirited interview that he opposes the idea of concealed carry permits and wants the “people to be disarmed,” — is afraid of Sarah Palin?

It would seem that the answer is yes.

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