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Paul Benedict (Libertarian), of, wrote a very nice piece describing Governor Palin and Governor Reagan. Both were ridiculed and belittled by the press, in a very similar manner, on there way to The White House.

Most of America, via the health care debate, has now been treated to a taste of the derision that Governor Palin has experienced on a daily basis. Though Americans will not soon forget they were fed such bitter fare by their elected leaders, the malicious slander sent their way is a badge of honor. Generation after generation of Americans have walked this same ground and have been scorned from far higher thrones than these. Consider for examples both Governor Palin and President Reagan.

The political elite's caricature of Sarah Palin is remarkably similar to Ronald Reagan's. Perhaps that is why she was invited to speak at the Ronald Reagan library. Both Palin and Reagan have been criticized as unintelligent. Reagan because of his long career in acting rather than in the brainwashing institutes of "higher learning," and Palin because she is the mother of five and simple hearted enough to practice the things she claims to believe. Palin, of course, has had additional elements of her gender thrown into the characterization of her intellectual merits. Despite the academic abuse of the English language, what the effetes criticize should not be confused with a lack of intelligence. Even during his life, Reagan's photographic memory was well known, and despite his collegiate love of football more than books, he could read the newspaper at five (Dutch 27).


Sarah Palin's distinct accent and disinterest in the citadels of intellectual enlightenment are not disadvantages to the pursuit of American political liberty, they are, if history is to speak, prerequisites. Indeed, every time this mother of five, speaking in colloquial English, topples a tyrant of the intelligentsia with the simple truth, America cheers. We who are of Lincoln's party cheer when she, self-tutored, bests her Stephen Douglas with her Middle American parlance. We love it when with the passion of Fredric Douglas she actually reads a bill and speaks her mind with an insight lost on those of the priests of Egypt who love title more than truth. That is America. That is conservatism. That is the crisp sound of liberty ringing in the morning breeze.

Sarah Palin, unlike Ronald Reagan, is yet largely untested in the greater arena of national politics (until the recent Health Care debate and, like Reagan, only a single phrase was needed). Even as recently as two months ago it was even money whether she had just quit on her role as governor or whether she had beat a strategic retreat. Such things must, of course, look alike. For instance, at the Battle of Cannae, when Hannibal's center retreated, history only understood the Carthaginian's genius by the astounding number of Roman dead. Perhaps the vanishing language on rationing and death panels is only coincident with the voices of the American people. On the other hand, perhaps that distant thunder is, after all, the Nubian cavalry sealing in the reckless ranks of the statist academics and their media sycophants. Time will tell, but the visceral outrage of petty tyrants at an ex-Governor's little Facebook page may just be the first sounds of an historic massacre.

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1 Response to "Sarah Palin Is Remarkably Similar To Ronald Reagan"

  1. Cotton Said,

    I just watched one of those "conspiracy" movies online about the JP Morgan buying the major newspapers in 1915....New World Order blah blah blah....Anyway, all I know is that it is probably a good thing that the jerks in the media don't like her. I'm to the point where I am suspicious of a person if the media LIKES them....i.e. Obama.

    Posted on August 18, 2009 at 6:51 PM


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