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PRINCETON, NJ -- Governor Palin's resignation -- announced last Friday -- fueled speculation that she may be setting up a run for president in 2012. A new USA Today/Gallup poll asked several questions and the results were very interesting.

Are you very likely or some what likely to vote for Governor Palin in 2012?
72% of Republican voters are likely to vote for Palin and 44% of Independents and 17% Democratic

In 2005 Gallup asked about Hillary Clinton running for president, 52% of registered voters said they were likely to vote for her and 28% were very likely to do so.

Does Governor Palin have a major role as a national political figure?
67% of Republicans, 34% of Independents, and 18% of Democrats thought so.

Has your opinion of Governor Palin changed?
70% has not changed but 17% gotten worse and 9% it has improved

Has the media coverage of Governor Palin been “unfairly negative”?
53% agree, 9% say it has been "unfairly positive" and 28% say it has been "about right."

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