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Anchorage, AK - In a speech introducing Michael Reagan — the son of former Governor & President Ronald Reagan — Governor Palin said:

"Ronald Reagan’s ideas were the right ideas and all we have to do is look back at his record, his economic record & his national security record to know that his ideas were right. It was common sense conservatism. It was right then and it is right now. Our government is supposed to be working for us, we are not to be working for our government and our will should be imposed on Washington. When he fought Socialism he knew it would ruin us. He stood strong on knowing...that the framework was freedom. Today, things that come from Washington are to take away our freedom. It is absolutely astounding and we would do so well to look back at the Reagan years as he championed the cause for freedom and then he lived it out as our President."

On the economy Reagan reminded us that America was built on free enterprise and reward for strong work ethic. The way some in Washington (Øbama) approach our economic woes absolutely defy economics 101. They fly in the face of principles of which provide opportunity for industrious Americans to succeed or to fail on there own accord. Since when can you get out of huge national debt by creating trillions of dollars of new debt?" Palin asked. "It all is really so backwards and skewed as to sound like absolute nonsense when some of this economic policy is explained. How do you put more Americans to work when you disincentives business with threats of taking them over or bailing them out for decision that they have made.

"It is not only not economically counterproductive but immoral. Doesn’t anyone remember, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Because Socialism takes away freedom, opportunity and hope. The process of creating the “Stimulus Package” Congress voted on in without even knowing what is in it. The Conservatives and Republicans in Congress looked at this debt ridden gargantuan Government growth plan and they voted against it. They warned states that there are fat, fat strings attached to these dollars."

"We need to be aware of the creation of a fearful population and fearful lawmakers being led to believe that big government is the answer. To then bail out the private sector because the government gets in and controls everything," she said. "And mark my words, this is going to be next, I fear, bail out debt-ridden states. Then government gets to get in there and control the people. In Alaska and America we know America is the greatest country on earth because it is “in God We Trust” not in big government.
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2 Response to "Governor Palin On Obama: “Trillions Of New Debt..Backwards..Absolute Nonsense”"

  1. Foxwood Said,

    I won't live in a Socialist/Communist world. We are losing it fast. It's time we march...

    Posted on June 5, 2009 at 9:23 PM

  2. Mythbuster Said,

    These are dark and dire days, the sort of which have not been seen in our land since the days of our emancipation from King George III of England. Ms. Palin is a courageous patriot in our time of need, fearlessly speaking against the tyranny of Big Government. Truly, we have precious few patriots in positions of power, but they emanate from Louisiana, Oklahoma, Minnesota, California and Alaska.

    Being a resident in the heart of California, I watch as Government controls our water supply in the effort to control the food supply of our entire nation. These are dark days, in deed.

    During the election of 2008, Ms. Palin was attacked by the mainstream media with a fervor that I haven't seen since the days when they attacked Ronald Reagan. Big Government Statists fear them who speak the truth because we, the people of The United States of America, have the right to vote and know how to use it. This is proof enough that Sarah Palin deserves our support and our votes.

    Posted on June 6, 2009 at 12:38 PM


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