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American female leader, representing the conservative camp, & Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to attend the World Knowledge Forum ( and visit South Korea for the 1st time. Republican VP candidate in 2008 presidential election was appointed to the conservative grassroots movement in the United States, she leads the 'Tea Party' movement and has given rise to new life to American politics. America has fallen into a new crisis and she will discuss ho the U.S. is expected to lead & presently lacks leadership. This  is the 12-year anniversary of the 2011 World Knowledge Forum and this year the topic is `New Economy crisis (The New Crisis)` 
A global leader in the world with over 250 people in 40 countries after the crisis in the global competitive environment has changed completely to win acumen and insight to offer.
Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister, Minister of Trade kareol deuhwiheuteu EU heads of state, as well as former and incumbent Michael Saendel of Harvard University, Yale professor Amy Chua (Tiger Mom Author), Strobe Talbot, such as the Brookings Institute scholars emerged. The chairman of Toshiba Ahsseutosi Nishida, Tom Alba needs of industry magnates, such as Rio Tinto chairman to the chongchuldong.
◇ Date and Location = October 11 to 13 Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel
◇  Registration  = Online registration only (
◇ Organizer daily economic newspaper MBN
◇ "Lack of political leadership, called the global economic crisis"
◇  presidential candidate Sarah Palin keynote World Knowledge Forum
The next generation of political leaders and solutions to the global crisis.
The crisis is deja-vu. The recent world economic crisis of 1937 looks very much like todays crisis. In 1937 FDR began "The New Deal" in an attempt to recover from 'The Great Depression'. 
But the effective of 'The New Deal' policies and high fiscal deficits with loose money policy prolonged the economic crisis. After this action the global economy fell in "The Great Depression". After the recent global economic crisis, and austerity policies of the United States high budget deficit can be blamed. The global economy will most likely go into long-term downturn. 
But the bigger problem of global leadership in the United States is represented by Obama. Since 2008, which had seemed to survive again in an instant, the world economy because the U.S. had inept leadership is shaky at best. Barack Obama's "America one of the safest countries in the world," remark had the opposite effect on the global markets. 
Recently the Financial Times (FT) said: "weal global financial markets because of insecurity in the United States is a major dilemma."
For the U.S. economy to emerge from recession a stimulus is needed, but the elimination excessive deficit should be the main focus.
The 'Stimulus' and a third 'quantitative easing' is intended to enhance the financial soundness of 'austerity policies' but no matter what choices to resolve the situation is not easy. 
Tightening monetary policies in the United States and in the global economy is a high priority but resistance is strong. Add the  energy crisis and high deficits risk the United States and globe falling into a deeper economic quagmire. 
Global Leadership needed to diagnose the global crisis at The World Knowledge Forum in a special event a month ahead of the opening theme 'The New Crisis'  because of the US credit downgrade. The downgrade of the credit rating of the United States and the eurozone crisis is due to economic uncertainty and will be the main topic at The Forum. 
World Knowledge Forum will explore the causes of the global economic crisis, lack of global leadership, the United States since the 2008 election. 
One thing to which most nunyeogyeobwaya Sarah Palin is to attend the World Knowledge Forum. Sarah Palin the next U.S. presidential election, Republican presidential candidate, was one of the prime. Is regarded as America's next generation of leaders Sarah Palin as a hegemonic state in the U.S. and global leadership in space, I can tell you the best of the alternatives yeonsada. Yet that is not running for president to declare a state, but a recent TV appearance on "Late August or September until early presidential election to decide whether or not," he thought to tell you that running for president said. Palin in the 2008 election running for the Republican vice presidential candidate has to. 
An assessment of Palin shows a the solid tend in increased popularity. Provoking controversy for her words and deeds with growing from voters to support. She currently has the highest favorability rating of 85%  of Republican candidates but has not officially declared. 
Palin is a good representation to counter the so-called 'elites'.  An Indian economist at the University of Chicago Professor Rajan Raguram, at conference in Singapore, discussed 'The Elitist' and Sarah Palinisation of the word. Sarah Palin's message about how the the government and Wall Street have failed the American public. Our leaders are not trusted and we must instead must look to ordinary people, like Palin, has become a phenomenon. According to his words, Palin's popularity is simply about common sense. She does not represent the elites which have vested interests in the economy separate from most Americans.  Palin's strength of being ordinary, according to Professor Rajan, includes her daughter, at 18, becaming a mom, eldest son in Iraq and youngest son having Down syndrome: She Is An Ordinary American. And it is the power that made her a viable presidential candidate with lots of support. 
She's a candidate for the next president election and is scheduled to open the ceremony as keynote speaker.  Speaking about the fall of U.S. hegemony in 'global leadership' and to overcome the absence of the role of the United States. 
In the future, as a consequence of the United States lack of leadership in this crisis and future policies for the U.S. financial crisis will be discussed. The forum during the World Knowledge Forum in Korea will also discuss the presidential candidates, their plans to meet with influential South Korean politicians  and  the opportunity to avoid a global economic crisis.
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