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More than 25 years after the premiere of "Runaway Train," Voight is back in Alaska this winter to film an Anchorage-based, supernatural thriller. Tentatively titled "Ghost Vision," the movie stars Voight as a semi-retired Anchorage police detective investigating the disappearance of a young girl.
Here are excerpts from the interview, edited for length:
Q. What are your thoughts on Sarah Palin? Are you a fan?
A. I'm a big fan. I think she's a remarkable person.
May I say this, to the Alaskan people. I think you should be very proud of her. She certainly represents the spirit of the Alaskan.
She certainly loves her Alaska. She loves it. But there's something extraordinary in her. She's very smart. And the attacks against her, even just based on the attacks against her, I would like her. Because all these mean-spirited people try to find something wrong with this very admirable person. It's quite transparent that they're just bad-intentioned folks trying to bring down this very nice gal.
Q. Would you vote for her for president?
A. I sure would. I sure would vote for her if she was running for president....Some people have said that they were upset with her for leaving the governorship when she did. I disagree with those people. I think she saved Alaska with that move. She had capable people who were going to take over ... She was being attacked, she was being prevented from governing. And they knew it. That's what they were intending to do.
They were going to bring her down. She had to answer all of these nonsense lawsuits and everybody who's gone through one lawsuit knows the stress that puts on you. The time that it puts on you. The money it draws from you. She was being destroyed in her governance of the state and in her personal well being
What she did was she took the target and moved it. She took it away from Alaska. Great. She did a great service there. And smart as hell.

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2 Response to "Jon Voight: Sarah Palin Saved Alaska By Stepping Down, Sure Would Vote For A President Palin"

  1. Angelocracy Xue Said,

    I wish to be added to your GOVERNOR ADVOCATES: list,

    Posted on December 6, 2010 at 10:32 AM

  2. Auntie Coosa Said,

    Excellent explanation, one that I have been making everywhere I find "pseudo-republicans" who argue against Governor Palin.

    Posted on December 6, 2010 at 12:01 PM


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