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2008 Candidate Executive Experience:
Sarah Palin: 16 YEARS
Hillary Clinton: ZERO
Barack Obama: ZERO
Joe Biden: ZERO
John McCain: ZERO

In early 2012, President Obama realizes that he can’t possibly win the presidency again. He announces that he will not seek another term because he achieved his goals: health care for all; energy awareness; and expansion of government programs for those in need. He knows he has spent all his political capital on an expansion of American Liberalism not seen since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs. Like Johnson, he makes the announcement early enough to leave the field wide open to would-be candidates. […]
Hillary is elite, North East education all the way. Sarah is state school and thoroughly western. Hillary is a pretty classic pol: U.S. Senate to State Department with plenty of grassroots politicking and top- level experience in-between. Hillary has never seen a box that she didn’t check.
Sarah is identified with only one-state and one office. Whereas Hillary has always completed everything she began in public life, Palin has not. Her political resume includes leaving the governorship halfway through term. But does this mean that Palin is automatically out of contention? No way. […]

Bottom line, Sarah is likable; Hillary is only admirable. And likability trumps all other qualities when it comes to politics. 
Obama once said this to Clinton: “You’re likable enough, Hillary.” These grudging words couldn’t be more prophetic and they’ll come back to haunt her in 2012.
You need to search for likability in Hillary. Whereas in Sarah, you can’t begin to even measure her likability, it’s that enormous. Even if you’re naturally opposed to her, she’s just a hard person to hate.  Ultimately, this likability will be the critical difference. Sarah can always build over her experience and policy gaps, but it is almost impossible for Hillary to build over her “likability” gaps. […]
But the fact is, if this scenario happens, what an election 2012 would be! Throw into the mix Colin Powell, switching parties and running as Hillary’s VP, and Marco Rubio joining forces with Palin. Wow.
Fox News: Clinton Vs. Palin in 2012? You Betcha! By John Tantillo
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