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ANWR: A National Security Need?
Sarah and Todd Palin take Greta on a tour of ANWR, Prudhoe Bay, make a case for drill, baby, drill

'On the Record' in Valdez
Greta and Sarah Palin look on their visit to the pipeline in Valdez

Sneak Peek: 'On the Record' in Alaska, Pt. 3
A preview of Part 3 'On the Record's ' special series in Alaska: Greta tours Valdez
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1 Response to "(Video) Sarah & Todd Palin take Greta on a tour of ANWR & Prudhoe Bay (drill, baby, drill!!!)"

  1. James Said,

    I wish the folks in Washington would really pay attention! The situation in the middle east continues to deteriorate on almost a daily basis. If the US continues to allow itself to be held hostage by OPEC and other foreign oil sources the price increases at the pump are going to further hurt the US economy. Personally, I am so glad that you did this piece! Wish more people would listen.

    Posted on February 25, 2011 at 1:05 AM


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