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Sarah Palin Is America

Sunday, July 11, 2010
Sarah Palin is America. She embodies all that is good in our nation. Unlike Obama, Sarah gives us realistic hope for positive change. The day before McCain named her as his running mate, I had pretty much given up hope that the political process could ever give us a good government. I had planned to sit out the election, and not vote.
I still remember the moment when Sarah's face appeared on the internet news as the VP choice. Instantly, and I do mean instantly, my attitude turned 180 on a dime. And ever since then, my enthusiasm for her has risen, and my outlook has become brighter.
I know not how this will turn out. But even if it turns out badly, I will always thank God for Sarah, and for the lifting of my spirits, and those of so many others. Even if it seems to turn out badly, the reality is that God rules, and in the end, He will prevail. I am convinced that He has chosen Sarah in this moment of history, and that despite all the travails which may come, I have become a better person by investing my hopes in Sarah Palin.
Posted by Robert Arvay on July 11, 2010 at 9:09pm
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