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Sarah Palin brought 4,100 Chicago-area fans to their feet Wednesday night, attacking President Obama, corrupt Illinois politicians and a Highland Park school that told its girl’s basketball team it could not go to the play-offs in Arizona.  “Them are fighting words when you say a girl can’t play in the basketball tournament, so we’re going to see about that,” she said.
Palin led off by saying, “I’m really glad to be here on the president’s home turf. ... The eyes of America are on this state, watching what will come out of the political process and the 2012 elections: If it can be done in Illinois, it can be done anywhere.”  She thanked Illinois for giving the world Ronald Reagan and the Tea Party movement.
“The 21st Century Tea Party movement, it starts right here in Chicago,” Palin said to cheers. “This is where it starts. So Illinois, your place in the history of this grass movement has been instrumental.”
Earlier, Palin impressed Illinois’ top Republicans willing to spend $500 to $25,000 at a fund-raiser for the state party.


“We talked about the situation in Illinois — the deficit, the high taxes, job creation,” said the party’s nominee for governor, State Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington. “I told her, ‘Your being here is helping rally the troops and get the message out.’”

“She came in and was gracious enough to help us raise money,” said state Sen. Jim Durkin. “It was very low-key, no speeches. She just met with people and talked with them. She said we have the chance to win many seats. People were very eager to take out their check books.”

“She said this could be a good year for Republicans,” State GOP Chairman Patrick Brady said. “It was a moving experience,” said former GOP candidate for governor Adam Andrzejewski. “She was very personable. She was encouraging us to keep up the fight for reform in Illinois.”

Sarah Palin: 'Fighting words' when deny girls' team chance at play-offs
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2 Response to "(Video) Sarah Palin Impresses GOP: Sold-Out Chicago Crowd, Big Money Raised & Obama Smack Down"

  1. - Said,

    media reporter is an idiot
    - its a fundraising event and he called it a burden. He can't tell the difference between taxes which are forced and voluntary contribution for a good/service you want

    Posted on May 13, 2010 at 12:30 AM

  2. Cherry Said,

    Great write up @

    Posted on May 13, 2010 at 12:57 PM


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