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Speaking In Eugene:
Sarah Palin spoke in Lane County Friday night and called attendes “everyday hard-working Americans.” "It's the belief that the government who governs least governs best."  When the other party's wrong, we stiffen our spines."  The Governor said she Googled Eugene finding an article that described the town as “hippie” and “granola” and in love with its organic food. “I eat granola.” "I'm reading that, and I'm saying, 'Ooh, I feel so culturally profiled.' How intolerant,"

"It's like the runner Steve Prefontaine used to say," Palin said, referring to the Eugene track legend, "It's going to come down to a pure guts race. And if it does, we can win it."  "I love my Nikes. ...“I just happen to shoot and catch my organic food before I eat it.” “Here I am in Track Town USA and my kid’s name is Track. How Eugene hippie can that be?” 
"If you remember only one thing, please remember this," she said. "America does need your voice now more than ever, especially in a place like this. Don't get discouraged."

ObamaCare & Energy:
"Only a limited government can provide the best path," she said.“Trying to keep up with what they’re up to and to keep them and the press accountable has really become a full-time job,”

“We have to make sure this ‘Obamacare’ is short-lived,” she said. “It felt so forced upon us. It was so forced upon us.” “Production of our resources means security for Americans and jobs for American workers.”
Sarah Palin spoke on those interests preventing drilling in Alaska while allowing foreign countries to drill and damage the environment:  “So environmentalists are kind of hypocritical on this one.” “I don’t know how environmentalists can sleep at night.”

The Dead Media:
“Sometimes they are kind of one in the same,” she said. “We call them the 'lame-stream' media lately.” “The left, well, they had to grab hold of something to discredit.” “The press then just started making things up. I’ve had to deal with that for quite some time now.”

Eugene City Councilwoman Jennifer Solomon asked a question about her role at Fox News. The Governor said she is very proud to be a part of the “fair and balanced” and praised Glenn Beck mentioning “his chalkboard technique he is changing our country."

"She's a superstar," said Jeanne Staton of Eugene, who attended the fundraiser by herself to get a look at the woman who may run for president. Dawn Attleberger of Vancouver said she got a bit rattled as she endured jeers on her way into the event. But it was worth it, she said.  "I'm 51, and I wasn't interested in politics until she came into the picture," Attleberger said. "Now I am."
Attendees paid $250 each to see Palin speak, $100 to watch a live video feed and 70 people paid $1,000 for a meet and greet photo op which included a signed copy of "Going Rogue".
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