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1. Unbending Conservative
Palin is a long-time, unbending Reagan conservative who has committed to cutting taxes, eliminating some regulations, and generally shrinking the government. This includes 16 years of executive with a superb track record of cutting the budget and putting funds aside for AK education & the general fund even with a large tax surplus. 
2. Military Hawk
The mother of a soldier in Iraq, Palin is becoming a military hawk. She has repeatedly threatened Iran with sharp language, and some think threats work. And don't forget that she can shoot an elk at 400 yards, so she can back up those threats.
3. Oil Drilling Advocate
The former governor of Alaska is a strong advocate for an energy policy. She wants to produce more domestic energy and buy less overseas. Democrats see her as tough on that issue.
4. Respect of Governors
As governor, she had the respect of other governors and worked well with the state legislature. She might bring a new bipartisan approach to Washington and respect the rights of our States.
5. Revive Saturday Night Live
Let's face it: Palin impersonators are funny, and her presidency would certainly help revive Saturday Night Live if Tina Fey returned to play Palin. (Palin Power)
6. Friend of the Working Class
She identifies with working class Americans more than more wealthy candidates and presidents. It's not uncommon to see her working with her union member husband on his fishing boat. Or hunting and fishing for that matter. 
7. Advocate for Disabled Children
Her last child was born with Downs Syndrome and that has made her a passionate advocate for disabled children, a job that presidents normally pass off to the first lady.
8. Positive Changes Of A First Woman President
Just being the first woman president would likely bring massive changes to how the Oval Office is handled and how foreign leaders view the United States.
9. Boost Conservative Media
As a foe of the liberal media, she might boost conservative bloggers and center-right media like Fox News to mainstream media levels.
10. Fashion Statement
She would likely spark a whole new fashion sense in the nation with Carhartt and Cabela's taking over from J. Crew and Gap.
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2 Response to "US News & World Report: 10 Reasons Sarah Palin Would Make a Good President"

  1. Roy Said,

    I think Sarah Palin would change this world a lot and make everyone else have a great respect for us again Lord knows they have lost that. We need someone to make both parties want to work for the people instead on big business and themselfs, the last 20 years congress just want to fight about everything and tell a lie everytime they open their mouth, I believe this bill in Arizona in going to make this country come to some great conclusions that most people never thought they would have to come to and that will be good in the end but it will take sometime for most to realize it, its allready got 70% on one side and 30 % on another the first thing thats helped since 911.

    Posted on April 29, 2010 at 7:58 AM

  2. Max D Said,

    14. 100% support of Israel

    15. Loves America & will do what is best for America before all else.

    Example, resigning as AK Governor (staying would help 2012 chances) so Alaska can return to being governed without DC divisiveness and left Vs right stagnation.

    Posted on April 29, 2010 at 9:09 AM


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